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Marker Explodamats

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Has there ever been a binding as light and good, with as much 'suspension travel' and twist out performance as the Marker Explodamats?

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light.....well I guess they are that.


as far as ELASTICITY, I'll take any of the LOOK Pivot bindings from the 60's onward.

The current pivot bindings have 45mm laterally at the toe piece and 28mm vertically at the heel.


My choice by a WIDE margin!!!




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I agree. For skiers who hit it hard in all terrain and conditions coming out of your bindings when you don't want to can be way more dangerous than not releasing.   For 30 years Looks have had an amazing amount of elasticity and provide huge anti-shock both sideways and up/forward, and then instantly snap back in.  Turntables rock, and in my uninformed opinion you cannot reliabley match that action with any other kind of heel piece.  Compared to the Pivots almost all other bindings feel like you are in until you are not.  They are heavy, but you can think about the weight savings on your other bindings while you are rehabbing your knee injury.

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Weight is almost a non issue with the Pivot 15/18's and the 14's are fairly light anyway. With the short mount distance on the Pivots, the weight is not felt at all. Now, a Axial is a damn heavy binding and that is felt. Where I like the elasticity is that I can run turntables 1-2 DIN lower than many other bindings with no fear of prerelease and still have a solid interface. 

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The original double claw marker had amazing snap back. and less friction than the Look toe I would say.

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Originally Posted by Vascopajama View Post

The original double claw marker had amazing snap back. and less friction than the Look toe I would say.


The M4 style toe did had a fast return to center but didn't have the elasticity of the single pivot Look and Salomon design. 

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OK. I didn't know that.

They say Stenmark would not ski on anything but Marker explodeamats. I gather they hung on better than Looks.

That what Mr Pre / Scott from Sun Valley told me (forget his name). He had several pars of new explodamats with brake and red/white livery. Love to get hold of a pair.

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