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Hello from OH

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Hello all,


Just joined this group for The Springs.  Sadly I haven't been to the Springs in about 5 years now.  Since I moved to OH I have  mostly been skiing Western NY with the club I joined.  But ski the Springs I have.  Probably close to a 1000 times!  Starting back in 72 when I was a senior in HS.  I didn't miss a season for 35 years and then the move.


For those of you who were regulars there in the 80's and 90's might know me better as Ranger Rick as I was a member of their Safety Rangers for over a decade.


Hope to get back to the Springs this season.


Rick G

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Hi Rick, hope you make it to the Springs this season. Give a shout if you do.

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I certainly hope to.  I miss Gunnar, Giant Steps, Gossebumps, Turtleneck Glades etc.!


The ski shop I work p/t at does mid week bus day trips and did one to the Springs last season.  I can't remember why, but I missed it.


Is Dick Baron still head of skiing?  Really nice guy.  He was a good replacement for Lars.  I know the place has changed quite a bit since I left.  Hopefully not all bad.


Rick G

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Dick Barron is still the Director of Ski Operations. There's now a high speed six that replaced the Gunnar triple. An intermediate trail called Giant Boulder was cut between North Face and Giant Steps and an expert trail called Yodeler was cut between Giant Steps and Gunnar. Oh, you do know that a high speed six now runs from the front side to the top of North Face? There is a lot of condo development at the top of the ridge on the front side so a short double chair was installed near the top of Wagner/Fawn Lane that services the condos that have been built there.


Oh, Seven Springs has entered into a 10 year lease to operate Laurel Mountain which is set to undergo a $6.5 million remake funded by the state. No date set for opening.

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Thanks for the update.  Dick is a good guy and did not know if he stayed when the Dupres sold the resort.  What about John Mates?  Is he still in resort operations?  That guy was amazing.  He used to be head of season passes and I swear he knew every passholder by name.  I knew he was promoted a couple of times before the Dupres sold.


The 6 pack on Gunnar was installed the year I left, and I did make it back a couple of times the next year.  So I knew about Giant Boulder but not sure if I have been there since Yodeler was cut.  The Polar Bear Express was there for several years while I was still a passholder.


Looking ahead to this season, what days are you usually there?  Would love to hook up and reminisce about the goo ole days.  Out of curiosity what is your real name?   I am Rick Gzesh.  Any chance we know one another?


Rick G

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I really don't any of the staff at the Springs so I can't say if John Mates is there. I don't recognize your name. My name is Rob Davis. I was a ski instructor at Laurel for a few years but I haven't taught since Laurel closed in 2005. You'll find me at the Springs on weekends but I like to ski Blue Knob also. We should be organizing get togethers for the Springs in this group forum so stay tuned.

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A couple of buddies did ski patrol at Laurel in the 80's and before the first closure.  I have only skied there 4 or 5 times.  The Springs was where I was at just about every weekend.  Peak & Peak and Holiday Valley is where I get many of my local days in.  I also race in an Adult league and we race there as well as Swain, Bristol, Kissing Bridge and a few bumps locally in the Cleveland area.


I will certainly look forward to a get to gether some time this season.


Rick G

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