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Helmet Smith vs Giro

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I'm in the army and a paratrooper, so I'm used to wearing helmets, but never had to wear goggles and or consider tunes. 


I will be redeploying and plan to ski this winter, and found a deal on the 2012 womans Giro decade snow Helmet. I like the look and price


What should I know about this purchase before I buy? 

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I think the most important consideration may be whether you can try on the helmet before buying. A store would be better than online, even if a little more expensive. A local store like REI or Dick's might have some in stock and on sale during the summer.


Nor sure about Giro vs Smith--both are probably good. I have the Giro G10 with their TuneUps audio/bluetooth link (wired music, bluetooth phone which I end up never using).



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A helmet should fit snug enough that when you move it up and down, the skin on your forehead moves with it. Also pay attention to how much space there is between the side of your head and the helmet.


Generally speaking, Smith helmets tend to fit round heads best as do Giro, except for the Giro G10 which is designed to fit a narrow shaped head.


Some helmets lend themselves to minor fit adjustment by shaving material with a razor blade. Or adding material with strips of tape, when you previously shaved too much off.wink.gif


Thin synthetic "watch cap" type liners can also take up volume in a helmet as well as providing extra warmth for ears and bald heads.

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I have Smith Varient(s), Giro Omen's and G10's and Giro Fuse. As said before, fit is the major issue, but all of these seem to fit me anyway (YMMV), so here's my take -


Varient - colder helmet (than the Giro G10 or Omen). Takes drop-in speakers in the earpieces, tends to push my goggles down lower. Nice side vent opengins that can be controlled on each side.


Omen - Nice twin vent feature, reasonably warm, not a lot of interior padding. Takes snap-in speaker pads, meaning you can't change speaker types. Has a wheel control on the back to change internal fit.


G10 - closest fit (only one in medium - large too big), but plushest inside. Warm. Only one vent control (controls 6 holes) Deep vents accumulate snow so opening vents can cause a brain freeze if it's around freezing temp.


Fuse- Spring helmet  not real comfortable, VERY deep vent holes so real brain freeze possibility. Don't know why (or where) I keep it.


Again - this is one persons opinion based on helmets for one peculiar head - take it with a grain of salt.

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Take your goggles with you and make sure you have a good seal before you by. I was using a Giro for 5 seasons or so before I made the switch to the Smith Varient last season. I think the Smith is a better helmet. It is lighter, cooler and with Smith goggles uterely seamless-plus the visor shade thing is nice when riding the lift into the sun. Looks better too-not so "Alien" looking. my 2 cents.

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Another helmet to check out is the Scott Roam. I pitched my Giro G10 due to the earcovers chafing on my ears. I picked up a Scott Roam last season & have been extremely pleased with it. Light, comfy, fits like a glove & it looks really smooth. Excellent bang-for-the-buck helmet!

You should be able to find last year's model on sale/closeouts online.

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I just went through the process of buying my first ski helmet. My kids won't let me "rock it with a beanie" anymore. This may be obvious to some, but a lot of it was new to me,


I learned;


All goggles do not fit all helmets.

You have to try helmets on or be prepared to return them.

Depending on the brand I could be a medium or large.

Different helmets are good for different shaped heads.

Oversize goggles really limit your helmet choices.

The same brand of helmets and goggles usually work together.

If you intend to wear a beanie or skull cap, take it with you when you try helmets on.

Take your goggles too.

Some are low profile.

Some make you look like a bubble head.

Ear flaps and some liners are removable.

Brims help hide gaps.

Some have vents.

Some are adjustable.

The sales are on right now!!!!!!


I bought the Von Zipper Fishbowl Goggles first, to wear with my beanie, and then had trouble finding a helmet to fit. I ended up with the Smith Variant Brim, medium, cyan blue. It has a great liner, nicely placed vents, is adjustable, has a brim for the sun and is the only helmet that would accommodate my oversize goggles. About $70 with free shipping from Backcountry. The only negative are the reports of the whole helmet falling apart if you crack the brim.


Hope this helps.



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You should try on the helmets before you make your choice,you should look at helmets that are adjustable and if you already have goggles take them with you to try with the helmet.

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