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WOW! Gonzo.... you are definitely single [img]tongue.gif[/img]

That is a lot of bike info
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Many thanks for your replies. I've printed them out and will refer back to them.

Thanks again,
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I'll agree with gonzo more or les across the board. Time atac pedals are my choice. XT components are more or less bombproof. Nothing fancy, not always perfect but a good solid choice. I did buy an aftermarket large chainring to stay in contact with the gears on fireroad descents and for more power on flats...but I'll be riding a lot on my 53 on the road so I'll have the strength for that..you can get larger rings with the xtr crankset but the price is steep. I love my Gripshifters. Titec makes good affordable ti bars. I have been riding a set of Mavic wheels for a few years but there are others out there that may be better/cheaper. If you are not in loose pea gravel/rocky terrain try some semi-slicks (Ritchey/Continental/etc) but beware that these can be very sketchy descending if the trail becomes loose...the rear wheel will try to come around you. ut they are faster on hardpack trails. I got a free Rockshox SID xc fork when I bought my Litespeed --they've offered them free in the springtime with the purchase of a frame...not sure if they are doing it this year. It works. May not be the best as gonzo says but...I have never used a fork other than that and the Rockshox Mag21. V brakes should give you tons of stopping power.

Other than that I am more or less totally alienated by gonzos strong opinions

buy stiff soled shoes and a good helmet!
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Chimp, I understand about the RockShox. My first two forks were a '95 Quadra 21 that came on a '95 Gary Fisher Paragon, and a '98 RockShox Judy SL with Englund Air Cartridges instead of the RS internals. Both seemed pretty good. But when I got my Airborne Lucky Strike in 1999, I got a '99 Marzocchi Bomber Z2 BAM and was so pleased with the huge leap in plushness, responsiveness and steering accuracy that I vowed to never again ride RS forks, and to try to use Marzocchi Bomber forks whenever I could.

As to semislicks, the Hutchinson Python Airlight I mentioned cures many of the problems of semislicks while rolling just as fast, and having a higher volume that gives a more comfy ride. They also have better grip on technical terrain. I suggest trying some if you need new tires. You can pick up the Python Airlight and the Python Gold pretty cheaply now, because Hutchinson has added a new model, the Scorpion, that supposedly takes the place of the Python as the "king of the hill" in Hutchinson XC tires.
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SCSA, I would suggest getting a copy of Ned Overend's book, "How to Mountain Bike Like a Champion" -- it offers a lot of tips that I learned over 10 years of mtb riding. If I'd had that book when I started seriously riding mtb, I would be more advanced now!

Feel free to PM me with any specific Qs you might have on frames or parts.
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Good info Gonz.

Good opinions and reasons for having them are good to hear. Calling them Rockjunx may be a little harsh.

On the tire note - I think semislicks are great and you should have some if you are going to race or you can pretty much guarantee dry riding- but add a little H2O to the trail and things can get dicey. Especially if you are out doing tempo and not really as focused as you would be if you are really riding hard or as in control as you are when riding slow.
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I agree (sorry Todd) with Gonzo on most points, other points are just a matter of taste. Gonzo's knowldege must be signs of a miss-spent youth or single life



PS SCSA if you do go for the Ellsworth, the Romic rear shock (availale as an upgrade) gets rave reviews.

PPS Anybody tried the new 5th element rear shock?

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