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Sketchy feelings

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So I'm having this sketchy feeling about this site that i want to order some rossi fks 140s off of. Its called shumakers ski and snowboard shop, the bindings are $187 which seems ridiculously cheap, that's one of the reasons i feel so sketch about it. the site also has very little info, but it has a nitrosell security at the bottom of the page. If anyone has had any experience with this site please speak up. Sorry for the stupid thread just dont want to lose $187. Please no burning me. Thanks!

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I looked at the site and didn't see any issues; the stores been in business since 1947 (so they claim) and those are some rippin' goods deals. I don't know of the shop, maybe some mIchigan bears here will know better.  I may have to order a pair of FKS XXL's myself!  Rossi S3's for 350.00!   Look into the shipping costs.  that's someplace they can get you.  If you pay with CC you are pretty safe. 



Suggestion: change the name of the thread to something more specific to checking on reputation of  Shumakers ski shop. 



BTW-  there is a 10% restocking fee on all returns!


After receiving your order you will have three – (3) days to contact SHUMAKERS SKI & SNOWBOARD by email at if you intend to return your purchase. We will provide you with a Return Authorization (RA) number to be clearly written on the outside of the box (no packages will be accepted without an RA number). You will have seven (7) days to have the returns delivered to SHUMAKERS SKI & SNOWBOARD after contacting SHUMAKERS SKI & SNOWBOARD of your intention to return any or all of the merchandise. SHUMAKERS SKI & SNOWBOARD will not accept any returns of products that have been used, skis and snowboards that have been drilled or mounted. There is a 10% restocking fee on all returns and you are responsible for all shipping fees associated with returned items. All items must be in their original condition and packaging - all tags must still be attached!

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This shop is in my home town, Flint, MI.  They've been in business for a long, long time.  When I was a hotshot teen ready for my first bits of serious ski gear I went there and got some Scott Superlights and Hart Freestyles =).


Flint is a very economically depressed place.  Schumaker's has grown and shrunk over the years and I'd say it's a wonder that they're still selling ski gear in such a place.  I sure hope you (and other Bears) give them some business.

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Schumakers is one of the oldest names in Michigan ski shops. I think they're still in business because they've had a reputation for good service.
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