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Volkl Aura or Volkl Kendo and what size 163 or 170

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I am trying to decide between Volkl Aura or Volkl Kendo.  I skied Aura 2 winters ago and absolutley loved them.  perfect for my tyype of skiing.  I was in Jackson Hole and skied groomers and powder, moguls, everything.  I am a female, 5'-5', 142 lbs, expert skier, ex alpine racer, now just all mountain entertainment.  i try to get out West and not ski terrain like vermont as i dont enjoy it as much.


is Volkl Kendo for men only?  I read a great review online about the 2013 Kendo and was intrigued.  I do like stiff skies, but Auras felt stiff enough.  i just want to buy once and use them for 2-3 yrs, so I would like to buy the best possible ski for me. 


also, what size would you recommend, as I cannot remember what I had rented out back in 2010. either 163 or 170.




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Hi, I ski the Auras and love them.  I am 5'2" 140 lbs, advanced skier.  I ski everything on the mountain except narrow chutes (which freak me out for some reason) and rock hard bumps (too hard on my knees).  I don't think it matters whether a ski is made for men or women; it's a matter of personal choice.  I skied men's skis until 4 years ago when I discovered I like the volkl women's line and made the switch.


That said the Kendo is more comparable to the women's Kenja.  It has a narrower waist (88) compared to the Aura (96).  The Mantra would be the comparable model in the Men's line.  The Auras float better in deep pow than the Kenjas.


The Aura has camber rocker and an early rise tip.  I bought one size up from my frontside skis (156) and that feels perfect to me.  You are a few inches taller but your weight is much the same (lucky you) so I would guess that either the 163 or the 170 would work fine.  If you rented in 2010 that was before Volkl added the front rocker.  It does change the feel of the ski.  I personally prefer the slightly rockered tip, but it does mean that if you tried the 163 in the older version, you would probably prefer the 170 in the new version. If you tried the 170 and wanted longer, you would need to go to the men's version because Volkl no longer makes anything longer than 170 in the women's line.  


Or look for the 2010 version and probably get a great deal.


I hope that helps. 

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Thank you.  very helpful.  I actually skied the Kenja too, on a more icey terrain, and remember liking it fine, but i definititley prefered the auras, before the rocker tip in 2010/11 season.

Actually, i found the Aura 2010/11 with marker griffon bindings for 550 online and looks like the aura 2011/12 with rocker tips is sold out as it is not available.

I cannot remmeber whether i had skied 170 or 163 but i am guessing that for my height 5'-5", 163 is a safer choice when without the rocker tips? 

do you think that it is worth holding out for the new season to get the rocker tips?

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If the Auras are brand new then it is worth the price.  Still if you want the 2012 model, it is probably worth shopping around a bit. I bought my Auras 2012 brand new in January off of Ebay and I paid $525.00.  They had demo bindings- Marker Squire which are not as sturdy as the Griffons.  I am more finesse than agressive so a lower DIN is fine.  There are still 2012 Auras online for around $499.00 and then you would have to pick up bindings.


It's really 6 of one and a half a dozen of another.  The Aura is an awesome ski in both the older and the newer models.  I wanted a front rocker so it would initiate turns easier and float better in SoCal's "Sierra Cement".  It's a very slight rocker so I don't know if it really makes all that much of a difference in the end.  It could be psychological because I was coveting so bad!  You know ... justifying the spending!


Those are the skis you demoed so go for it if they are new.  If they are used, keep looking because that is too much.


Here is a link for brand new 2012 Auras   170 for $419.00



I happened on it while looking around for fun.  Like I said, I'm bored.

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