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Size Help Please!

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Hi, I'm currently looking to buy new skis for the upcoming season. I'd call myself an advanced  to expert. My dilemma is deciding between two sizes for the Atomic Theory skis; 177 and 186. I'm 5'11, about 165lbs. Skiing on the east coast, mostly Pennsylvania, but go out west at least two weeks a year, and at least one or two weekend trips to Vermont. I'm concerned because I'm not sure how these skis actually ski, true to size, 2 or 3 cm shorter, or like 5-10cm shorter. My last few pairs of skis have been rockered park skis, which ski shorter, and I'm currently skiing a 179cm ski. 


I'm also interested in the Volkl Bridge's and Line Prophet 98 as more of an everyday ski, when I'm not in the park. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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I'd go with the 177. I ski 90 plus days a year out west. I'm 6'4" and weigh 186lbs. The 186 will be too much if you encounter light chop or some bump formation. But the 177 will provide all the flotation you need, and be easier to handle. The rocker is not terribly pronounced. Great ski, go for it.

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