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Praxis - preseason sale ends Aug 10

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A few recent threads mentioning Praxis skis made me realize that the Praxis preseason sale - ending August 10th - needed some mention. Skis can be seen here.


Sale pricing plus an extra 10% coupon discount takes most skis in the line to just about $500. That's for a ski with your choice of flex and topsheet design  (graphics library is here). I think code EPIC will still work. 


My quiver is now virtually all Praxis. The past 3 seasons, I've put over 200 days on my Praxis Concepts, Protests and Powder Boards. I love those skis. The combo of design and build rocks IMO. I have no idea how the Praxis crew does it - given that virtually all the builders out there have access to the same basic materials. But the extra toughness is real and notable - despite the fact that the skis are notably light. 


Freeskiing champ Drew Tabke took the new MVPs and Yetis, along with a pair of Powder Boards (already a known quantity) to South America this summer. Word back on the MVPs and Yetis is pretty glowing. Despite having no need, I'll be adding MVPs and Ullrs to my fleet this year - those two designs look right up my alley. But I'll still be counting on my existing fleet too.


I've said it before & I'll say it again: If Keith were half - heck a tenth -  the marketeer that he is a ski designer/builder, Praxis would be booked out a year. Assorted reviews can be found here, TGR, Blister Gear Reviews, and a few other places with a tiny bit of searching.

One last thing - there is a little noticed, little marketed extra option. For $250, you can get a real wood veneer topsheet (distinct from the no-charge wood print options). Keith claims they have their process for this dialed in and the durability is there. You can find pics of the veneers in the graphics library. While not a cheap option, roughly $750 all in is still a ridiculous deal. 
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I love my Praxis Skis! 


Keith has a a great thing going: Build quality is bomber, to a level I haven't found with any other brand. Designs are forward thinking. Skis come ready to go with a nice tune. It's even more exciting this year with the customization options he's now offering.


Started with the Powder Boards a few years ago.... I'm up to 3 pairs of Praxis now by adding the BPS and Carbon Mtn Jib (MVP).


Picked up the BPS last season and it was my go-to ski for most the year. That ski made any condition super fun and predictable, anything from mashed potatoes to coldsmoke, and ate up breakable crusts.


Wish I could get on this sale tonight, but the wife would probably kill me. This is an amazing deal on some amazing skis, get in on it if you are on the fence about Praxis. You won't regret it! (remember code "EPIC" for extra 10% off) 

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