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Faculty Meeting - Self explanatory in workplace, or when you and your friends meet in the trees to....


Stomped - You nailed your presentation


Spinning laps - working on two projects at the same time in different parts of the building


Gate bashing - weaving in and out of cubicles between the two departments


New School - The new guy fresh off his college internship


Old School - The owners flesh and blood that has been there since the company started


Caught an edge - rolled your ankle stepping out of your car in the parking lot


Traditional Mount - A memo posted on a bulletin board by the time clock


Center Mount - Mass email memo sent to everyone in all departments, even irrelevant ones

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Originally Posted by gregmerz View Post

Line up:  Every office has a small subset of people who have to stand around, on the clock, at the start of each day recounting mindless stuff that occurred since the end of the last shift.


A better name for that would be the peanut gallery.

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Rope drop:  When a vendor rep brings in food or a box of donuts it's like the patrol has just dropped the ropes after an overnight dumpage.

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powder day: that's pretty much what it is..  Example Greg did not come into work this AM, he called it a powder day.

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Here is the "theatre teacher version"


Yard Sale - everyday at the end of the period when the bell rings

Powder Day - those days when the half the class is absent for an important tech rehearsal and it really is snowing outside.

Core Shot - when the students ask "are we doing anything important today?"

Quiver - their response to the look I give them following the "Core Shot" question.

Groomer - Mr. GQ and Ms. Vogue who have the nerve to question my costuming decisions

Line Up - the program for the show

Wind Hold - what I would prefer they do in close quarters backstage!

Full Rocker - the overly cool kid; every class has one!

Weekend Warrior - stage parents who took theatre in high school

Avalanche - my job everyday!

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Hot box - meeting room with the video conference equipment, always reserved by someone else

Piste - general office area inhabited by gapers (office plankton)

Off-piste - hangout place, not frequented by the management

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First tracks: Being the first to use a toilet in the morning…i.e. the seat is up from being cleaned

This one's great

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A Pilot's guide to work ski-isms....


Corduroy - Smooth ride


Crud - Light Chop


Moguls - Turbulence


Greased it - Smooth landing


Pop off the lip - Rotated too fast on takeoff


Ski Patrol - FAA


Lift Ticket - Landing Fee


White Out - 500 RVR / Below Mins


Night Skiing - Cargo Flying


Weekend Warriors - Southwest Passengers


Float - What the Flight Attendant does if you rapidly enter a descent


Camber - The relative curve between the upper and lower surface of a wing


Riding Switch - Being pushed back from the gate


Low Light Lens - HUD....Heads up Display


Trail Map - Sectional Chart/Low Enroute Chart/High Enroute Chart


Altitude Sickness - Depressurization/Hypoxia


Dropping Corbets - Landing an airliner in Aspen and/or Sun Valley


Level 1 Instructor - Private Certificate


Level 2 Instructor - Commercial Certificate


Level 3 Instructor - Airline Transport Pilot Certificate


On Piste - Victor Airway


Off Piste - Radar Vectors

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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post

A Pilot's guide to work ski-isms....




Slush - Density Altitude


Trail Map - Dalton Dead Rekoner

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Oh another Pilot one....


Sluff - Wake Turbulence

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Originally Posted by prickly View Post

This one's great


Of course the flip side of that is tracked out.  And the dreaded closed trail...but with a little patience you get some freshies.

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Inversion - when the boss takes a pay cut while his employees get a bonus. 

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Originally Posted by FujativeOCR View Post


Caught an edge - rolled your ankle stepping out of your car in the parking lot



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Yard Sale... hit "reply all" instead of just replying to one or two insiders when sending something less than appropriate for the general public. Also applies to IM windows.

VERY funny. 


Surface Hoar: Every office has one

Free refills: The client who calls you back asking if you'll sell him even more work, without you doing anything!

Slack-country: On a project you are the guy/girl who lazily loafs under the radar but does one very easy thing that gets attention and makes you look a hero.

Chinese Downhill: The way one needs to approach the rush-hour commute home..especially in horrible traffic cities like I live in (DC)

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