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It's been a slow few weeks at work and I'm itching for cooler weather to arrive. So I decided to create a few 'Work-Ski-isms' that relate common ski terms or slang to office life. If this has been done before, I apologize, my search skills seem to be lacking...


Let's begin:



First chair: Getting the front or best parking spot

First tracks: Being the first to use a toilet in the morning…i.e. the seat is up from being cleaned

Powder stash: Leftover donuts in the break room

Powder hound: The guy who has more than his share of donuts

Yard Sale:  The current situation on my desk…

Avalanche:  Getting a lot of work on a Friday afternoon

Apres Ski: Any time after 3pm…let’s face it, nothing gets done after 3pm. Applies to noon on Fridays…

Jibbing: Sliding down any railing on your butt

Out-of-Bounds: The boss’ office

Glades: Navigating a busy hallway

Bumps: Speed bumps in the parking lot

Zipper line: Flying over the speeds bumps without regard for your car’s suspension…or the safety of others…


Feel free to add any of your own!



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Gaper... the person from some other department with an oddball request that you bounce to someone else because you can't or won't help them yourself.


Powder day... That post holiday work day that many folks choose PTO for to extend their break.


Chain rule..  Bad wreck that stops traffic and makes you late in the morning.

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Poaching: Stealing food provided for meetings that do not involve your department (extra gnar points if you don't even work there).

White room: A claustrophobic room with 4 white walls and no windows where mind numbing meetings take place that cause you to day dream about powder.

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Core shot...



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Sluff: Mini-avalanches of side-work caused by unforeseen complexities arising during the course of a project (also frequently caused by incompetence).

No fall zone: A meeting with senior leadership where you are asked to present on your work.

Sidecountry: The picnic tables out back next to the dumpster pad and loading dock.

Traversing: Walking to the restroom that is the farthest away from your work area, just to kill time.

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Sitzmark: The imprint of your derriere on the seat behind your desk.

Chairlift: That lever  attached to the base of your Herman Miller chair.

Safety Bar: The watering hole down the street that your boss doesn’t frequent.

Powder: What the guy in the cubicle across the room sniffs to get through the day.

Ice: The thin stuff you are walking on when using corporate email for personal use.

Downhill: Your ability to work constructively after lunch on Friday.

Out of Bounds: Any criticism of your company.

Boot: What you get for going out of bounds.


Gaper: Anyone wearing a piece of clothing to the office imprinted with the name of a Midwest university or football team.

Freerider: The boss’s son.

Freestyling: The #1 salesperson getting away with murder because he is bringing in the business.

Rope Tow: Getting a respected mentor the day you join the company.

Forward Lean: The rookie looking over your shoulder while you are glancing at your bonus check.

Backcountry: The satellite office they want you to open.

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Terrain Park... the mail room


Liftie... Person delivering inter office mail


Patrol...  The local snitch


Instructor..  SME


Chalet... caffeteria

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Originally Posted by quant2325 View Post

Gaper: Anyone wearing golf clothing to the office.


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Ducking a rope - leaving early for the day


Sluff - the constant, seemingly endless trickle of e-mail pouring in.

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Black Ice: The part of a project that makes you fall way behind because you didn't foresee it being an issue. 


Lift-line: The line of traffic you are stuck in trying to get out of the parking lot. 


Gaper: The guy with a college degree who has no clue how to actually do his job, but thinks he does because he has the degree.


Glades: Somewhere you enjoy spending your time much more than at your desk because hardly anyone notices you aren't really working much. AKA the restroom. 

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Whiteout....  Someone very high up is asking you some pretty specific sounding questions about some project that you have nothing to do with....  But, somebody referred them to you claiming you did.  You are completely lost and have no idea how to answer.

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Weekend Warrior - Those lazy part timers that think they could run the company


Tune-Up - You got a new mouse and/or keyboard


Flex Pattern - How far back your chair goes before falling over


Ullr - The CEO that nobody ever met but is pretty sure exists, and has the power to make or ruin your day


Season Locker - Filing Cabinet


Season Pass - Company Credentials


Hidden Stash - Confidential Information on a need to know basis


401K - Stockpiling skis that may or may not be useful later

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Great thread ATLhound!


Coldsmoke:  The BS you tell your boss to make him think you are a productive member of his team


Backseat:  Where you go to take naps in the middle of the day


Halfpipe:  What is left over from your morning sesh that you save for the second you walk out the door at 5pm


Sorry if I missed the mark....I've never really worked in an office, but I imagine this is pretty much what my day would look like smile.gif

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I would change a couple of the OP's:


Powder stash: Getting in on the ground floor of a project that makes you look good but is easy for you

Powder hound: The guy who bogarts all of the above type projects

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Crud... a boatload of escalations sent to your inbox.

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Pre-release:  Ducking out of monotonous, unnecessary meetings under the guise of having important work to do.  It works, trust me...

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^ Haha, i'll have to try that one...

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Full rocker:  Every once in a while you see somebody sit so far back in their reclining desk chair that they end up on their back on the floor.  They jump up and act like it was the chair's fault...

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Originally Posted by gregmerz View Post

Full rocker:  Every once in a while you see somebody sit so far back in their reclining desk chair that they end up on their back on the floor.  They jump up and act like it was the chair's fault...

Haha, that might be the best one yet!

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First chair:  This one can be improved upon but you'll have to use your imagination.  Think about it, small to medium sized office, early in the morning...

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Corn - Leftovers from last nights dinner that you are eating for lunch

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Hero snow- one of those rare days when everything just seems to work and go your way.

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Toboggan Ride....  leaving early due to illness or calling in sick.

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Wind hold:  When the internet or one of the servers in the office goes down leaving everybody to stand around accomplishing nothing...

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Originally Posted by gregmerz View Post

Wind hold:  When the internet or one of the servers in the office goes down leaving everybody to stand around accomplishing nothing...


I'm so going to use that.

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Core shots: What you drank too many of at happy hour last night

Early rise: Waking up way too early for work, especially after a night of core shots

Quiver: What your stomach does after getting out of bed, usually after an early rise

Hucking: What you do in the bathroom to prepare for work, usually following a quiver. See also: Puking

Cordoruy: The pants you end up having to wear to work because you hucked all over your only pair of slacks

Groomer: Super stylish, well-dressed co-worker who frowns in disgust at your wrinkled corduroys

Sandwich construction: What you’re making for lunch today with great care to avoid more hucking

Drift: What your mind does after reading online ski forums all morning on your work computer, usually after all of the above

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Quiver... Your personal collection of macros, database queries, and slick excel formulas that enable you to finish your work hours before your boss thinks you do.


Yard Sale... hit "reply all" instead of just replying to one or two insiders when sending something less than appropriate for the general public. Also applies to IM windows.

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Line up:  Every office has a small subset of people who have to stand around, on the clock, at the start of each day recounting mindless stuff that occurred since the end of the last shift.

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Like HippieFlippin, I've never worked in an office.....


Interlodge - When you call in sick because you're too hung over to leave the house.


Figure 11 - When you go in early and get all your work done before anyone else gets there.


Figure 8 - When you're working so well with a partner that you don't have to speak.


Mashed Potatoes - When you probably should have gone for the interlodge.


Core shot - When the boss shows up to 'help' because it's so busy.


White Pass Turn - When you complete a task quickly and efficiently with your off hand.


Full Tune -  When I take a couple of hours to sharpen all my knives on the triple stone.


Alpenglow - The feeling I get when I drive away.

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