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Ski dreamin constantly but I live in Florida the heat index was a 104 a few days ago....

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Me 2.  Somehow managed to survive another miserably hot summer in DC. Now, as the days cool some and the hint of fall returns...I start to examine my skis in the basement again.  Starting to plan my season, inventory the gear and can almost feel the cold air in my face.  Its good to be alive and great to be a skier. 

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Loveland Basin in Colorado is approximately 50 days from beginning snowmaking operations for the 12-13 season. Super excited about the upcoming season. Lets hear what some of you have on the agenda for winter. Big trips, landing new tricks, stepping up to bigger terrain, learning a different mode? For gear in my futuresmile.gif Base layers are shot, socks have seen much better days and blew the zipper on my jacket in a fall in the Berthoud Pass backcountry.





Excited for Loveland myself, especially the free ridge cat operations this year. Hoping that everyone gets more snow, last season left a lot to be desired. Also, looking forward to breaking in some new gear (pants, new Smith I/O goggles, helmet, gloves, backpack and fairly new boots as I didn't get too many days in last year).


It's especially hard now I think as we've done all the hiking and biking that we really care to do already i.e. no new areas to explore, definitely anticipating the fall/ winter. 

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I had a dream last night that I was heli skiing in BC and somehow managed to lose my jacket.  I also triggered an avalanche but was able to stay above the slab ski cut style.  I'm pretty sure a psychologist would tell me I'm feeling unprepared for something.


Of course, Bruce Tremper's book is currently on my bed-side table so I guess the avy part makes perfect sense.

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I ruptured my quad tendon last day last hour of my ski vacation at Alta April 6, so I am rehabbing my knee hoping for a good result. Bought my season ticket for Attitash/Wildcat so I am hoping for a better season. I have an offer at Alta I am considering that is almost to good to pass up for early April, have to commit by September 1 , two weeks to make up my mind. Groomer's are my future for this year  

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^^^Way to work the system, dudeicon14.gif


Where will you be spending January?

no idea. if i can find some people to go out west with i'll do that, but if not i'll stick to vt (i go to school and live on the east coast) probably. maybe travel around and spend a few days at a bunch of different places

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