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A Visit to Holy Land(Maranello)

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Toured Gallaria Ferrari while in Italy. :
Verrrry interesting!!
They've taken the F2002 to Interlagos. Look out JPM :
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That oughta really shake up Juan Pablo. NOT. here's to a great race. (All the greater if McLaren wins.)
more about the tour, please.
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Slatz, I won't be able to watch the race, I'll be in Austria skiing, (I hope), but I'll keep my finger crossed.
Go Mike!
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Just heard that during pre-qualifying, Schumacher was 1 second quicker than the rest in his new car!
If it lasts the race, he should walk it.

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Coulthard #1 after free practice

free practice results
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Helmets off to Michael, Ralphie and David. Looks like the 2002 car (Ferrari)is a good one. For once a decent race at the end. Too bad the TV coverage didn't seem to want to show it. Can someone wake Pele up. Pablo, want some cheese with that whine?
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Did anyone else notice on the warm-down lap that Michael's car had a few puffs of smoke coming out the back?
(or was it just dirt off the track?)

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I don't think it was dust. Either a loose power plant or he was using it up.
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The Gallaria was smaller than I expected. There were nice examples of the cars throughout the years. There was a basic subframe of a 360 Modena next to the unpainted finished product.
The F-1 section, which I was most interested in, was mostly from 1996 to 2000.(obviously the new stuff is kept under wraps) I was surprised at how "basic" the mechanicals were. I expected really exotic things but found the engines quite normal. There was a 5 valve cylinder head on display but again the layout was pretty straightforward. The induction and exhaust systems were also pretty basic. The injectors sit on a spray rail above the throttles and the exhaust tubes are large tubes that the 2 valves dump into. It occurred to me that US hotrodders figured out how to get downforce and aerodynamics from the exhaust back in 1963(allowing sub-8 sec ETs and 200+ MPH runs from dragsters). Ferrari started doing it in 1996.
There was a game where for 10 euros you could sit in the cockpit of a car in front of a screen and drive. It didn't have an authentic steering wheel with controls so I passed.
The whole thing took up just about the right amount of time for our schedule though the drive to and from took longer.
The new car is looking pretty good. If JPM ever learns to drive with the finnesse Michael used when he passed him in Malaysia he could be a threat. It's looking like crumbs fo DC and Kimi
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Back in 1989 I wondered thru the pits at monaco and was surprised how small F1 cars are. also walked by Prost and Senna and was surprised how small they were!!!
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