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I just watched last year's documentary about F1 driver Ayrton Senna on Netflix:




If you are looking for off-season stoke for focusing on what you are passionate about, pushing past obstacles, look no further.  This guy loved his sport, loved his country.  


The film made great use of old, low res footage, captured the 'I remember back when' feeling, and brought me to the edge of my seat somehow even when I knew the outcome of a given race...


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I saw this a few days ago.  Great flick!  

Watched it a 2nd time a day or two later to catch the bits I may have missed.

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Yeah, really good film for those who are interested.


I thought the FIA footage really took you behind the scenes and took this film to another level.


Edit:  Very well told and engaging story even if you aren't particularly interested in F1 racing.

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