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Summer skiing

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  Not really a trip report as I'm near but, just finished a stint of days at Timberline in Oregon glacier (or snowfield?) skiing.


   The snow has actually been pretty decent until yesterday when temperatures got quite high and it stopped setting up overnight. I only had one day of camp canceled due to weather.


  I had a variety of activities I participated in, Jay Peterson's SkierSynergy improvement camp, a stint in the Dave Lyon race camp running gs gates, a few local PSIA day clinics and led the Mount Hood Ski Patrol coaches' clinic. All were a lot of fun and I realized I had learned three fairly different ways to execute a quality ski turn. Really quite interesting. I felt I gave a pretty good clinic for my patrol, we worked on upper lower body separation and moving into the turn which i think will help us with our sled transitions. We also worked quite a bit on giving body part and movement specific feedback. Ok, yes I'm pretty ski-nerdy...


   I also tried some of the new Strockli line and really liked the non-FIS SX model felt like it skied really great and strong, made me better.


   Well, just thought I'd share, I know most of the world is still months away from turns but, I'd reccomend coming out to one of the many great camps to anyone.

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For a "not so much a TR" its pretty interesting.  Thanks for sharing. icon14.gif

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Some really nice skiing on Mt. Hood.  A nice day trip is to skin up from the highest lift to Illumination Point then ski down as far as you can and bushwack the rest of the way to the road; a nice long trip :-)  Another is to go up the other side, Cooper Spur,but you need to know where you are going.  Other routes too, including skiing from the summit, see  ski mountaineering.

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