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Driving 6 hours to boot doctors

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After many years of not skiing, I'm going to start again this winter and am in the market for new boots.  The problem is there are no ski shops in my area and the nearest boot fitter to me is boot doctors in Taos.  I'm thinking of making a long day trip to get boots.  The problem is they said their selection of boots in my size (27.5 probably) is small and I'd hate to drive six hours only to find a boot would have to be ordered requiring another 12 hours of driving.  


I know buying boots online is not the way to go, but I thought of buying a few pairs of boots to take to boot doctors in hopes that one would work if they didn't have one for me.  I could then return them if I needed to and only pay return shipping.  My feet measure as follows:


Right 272mm long, 98mm wide

Left   275mm long, 98mm wide


I have low insteps and relatively narrow ankles/lower legs.


If you were me, would you buy a few boots online to take to boot doctors and if so, any ideas on a few that might be workable?  





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Let's see, buy boots online with absolutely no knowledge of how they will fit and no fit guarantee or wait until the season starts and inventories are higher and visit one of the best boot fitting shops in the country. Let's see.


Sorry Andrew for my sarcasm.  Nothing personal intended.  Read through here and you'll find many many many sad oh so sad stories about purchases on line.  Don't go there!  Wait a few months and Boot Doctors will be restocked with your size and absolutely pay them a visit.



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yup, wait for some new stock to come inane make the trip, you will not regret it!

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I can't see your feet from here, BUT----more than likely your foot size (27.5) will "fit" in a smaller boot shell, so read about doing a shell fit in any boot you purchase, this is described in the WIKI "Which boot will work for me" at the top of the "Ask the boot Guy's section.  We don't worry about what size the manufacturer calls a boot as long as it will fit correctly long term.  Most folks who buy there size find out later they made a mistake and end up buying a second pair to get a good performance fit.  Don't buy on line, as the guy's have said, go see the BootDr.



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Thanks for the advice and all the information in Ask the Boot Guys.  Because northern Utah was more convenient, I went to see Brent Amsbury at Park City Ski Boot.  I spent a couple of hours there and got boots and custom footbeds.  I skied 2 days at Alta with the new boots and they are great.  Getting expert help was definitely the way to go.           

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