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Sorry for being one of those people who only post on here when they are desperate for help, but I need to commit to some new boots soon, and I have no chance to try them on before I buy.  I will then be taking them to a very good boot fitter to get them fitted.  I know I need a 95mm last boot in a size 29 mondo, and then it's just a case of working hard to get them fitted.


I would really appreciate any comparisons people have between these 2 boots.  I am currently in an Atomic Ti 150, and would ideally like something slightly lower through the instep.  I would really like to know how the fit of the Tecnica, and Nordica compare, and also how the flexes compare also.


The other question I have is what the boot sole length on these are in a size 29.  I have read that they are 330mm, compared to the 335mm of my Atomics, which could be an issue.


Thank you very much for any help you can give me.