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Husband is Finally coming around

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I am so excited!!!! My husband is finally taking an interest in some of the things I use to do. My husband had never skied till he met me, and now just last night he was talking about hiking and camping outings.

I am so happy! The man is 32 yrs old and he has never camped, backpacked, canoed, sailed, or any of this stuff. I am so happy he is the one coming to me with interest, cause then if he doesn't like something he won't say," It was your idea(just kidding)". Really I am happy.

Now I need to get New Camping gear, do any of you guys/gals have suggestions on what are good brands? Its been a long time since I have bought gear, and my old stuff is like eewwww. :

I already bought a Keli/kid backpack carrier for the baby. Need new tent(my old one is trashed), Sleeping bags(old one trashed, he has none), and new backpacks(my old one was destroyed by a coon, dont ask).
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REI and campmor have good websites with clearance/discount merchandise. REI also has some good orientation literature.
I don't want to consign you to car camping but with a newbie husband and an infant, you may want to ease into this, so everyone has a couple of good (easy) early experiences to build on. And the kind of camping you do really does impact gear choices. The last modicum of weight reduction, or the final increment of adverse weather performance, is hideously expensive, but if you stop just short of that, and buy quality gear, you get about 95% of the total for about 50% of the price. A $100 sleeping bag with a $20 silk liner may meet you needs better than a $350 sleeping bag. A cheaper, roomier (and heavier) tent may be a better choice than the winterized expedition number. These sorts of things really play into cooking gear, becasue the cheaper, heavier stuff is actually better for cooking than the high-tech lightweight stuff, but nobody is his or herright mind wants to haul an iron skillet or a two-burner stove very far from the car.
Good luck.
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Eureka makes nice tents at a low price. Sierra Designs and Kelty also offer good tents an affordable price however I'm not sure if the sell any family sized tents.
Jansport and Camptrails are quality all-around backpacks.

Slumberjack, Kelty and North Face, Coleman all make good sleeping bags. I would use the temperature rating they offer and buy a bag with a lower rating if you're usually cold and one with higher rating if you're normally warm.

You will also want a sleeping pad unless you like sleeping on rocks, Therma-rest is the best pad in my opinion.(I would recomend a self-inflating model, they are well worth the extra cost.)

Like sno'more said REI and campmor are very good sources for equipment. www.REI.com www.campmor.com

Hope that helps,
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Sorry to be so churlish, but I saw the title of this thread, and all I wanted to ask was: What did you hit him with? [img]smile.gif[/img]


Normal service will resume shortly...
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Fox, Oh Behave!

Thanks. I am keep the first camp trips short and local because of both. I would love a camper but its not in the budget right now.

I have looked at some Coleman tents, but I would like one that can be good in bad weather. I have memories as a kid of mom hitching the tent to the pickup truck to keep it from bye bye. Every one else had there tents collapse on them. : :

Now the sleeping bags is important, I was thinking about a sleeping pad. I don't think I can sleep on hard ground anymore.

Checking out the web sit. Nice.
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my wife and I got the plushist and thickest Thermarest mattress pads we could find for backpacking. it's easy to cut weight and make space in the backpack after you've suffered through a sleepless trip without one. Have fun. Get a good little campstove too.
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I swear by all thier house brands. A little well known secret here in the the great north.MEC
Have fun in the woods!!
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