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Whistler 2013

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Hi All ---

I'm looking for advice on booking a weeklong trip to Whistler in the mid-Feb to late-March timeframe.  Specifically, when would it be least crowded during that period?  I live in Bellingham, so am familiar with weather patterns (or lack thereof) in the area. 





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If you live in Bellingham, why would you book in advance?

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I think late Feb to the first week in March. Watch out for Seattle and Vancouver spring break in March. Vancouver gets 2 weeks! I didn't realize that until this past season when I was there on a Monday, ready to be all by myself in line...ha! It was the 2nd week of Vancouver's break and lines were loooong. But Feb and March are busy in general. If you are very crowd averse, can you do early January?





If you live in Bellingham, why would you book in advance?

Because places book up. And if he wants something in particular--a great value, slopeside, a particular condo complex, whatever--you do better by advance booking. I have to book well in advance to get the dogs-allowed places that I like. Sometimes we luck out at the last minute for weekend trips but for a week, I wouldn't leave it to chance.

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To each his own.  Unless you have extenuating circumstances,  I'd roll the dice!


No place is ever a 100%.

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Whistler / Blackcomb has so much lodging after the Olympics that it seems like a good place to go last second.  I'm planning to go there for a few days this season and my group of friends all agreed it would make sense to play it by ear.  We'd rather pay a little more for lodging and powder days than save a few bucks and hope for good conditions.

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