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Rossi Bandit X or K2 Axis?

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Since I have the Rossi T-Power shorty slalom in 160 cm and the K2 Mod 7/8 [alled Axis this year] in 174, I am thinking of finding a middle ski, or one "do it all" ski. The 160 shorty slalom is great on groomed and a whole lot less useful to me in natural snow. The 174 cm K2 is great in everything but hard snow, and I would probably be happier if it were 167 cm, especially in trees. I have settled on a ski length of 167 to 170 cm for that middle or do-it-all ski. I am a mediocre skier, 140 to 145 pounds, 5' 8" tall, 60 years old, ski mostly in Vermont [sometimes ONLY in Vermont, as I will this year]. I most wish to ski windy trails, preferable on natural snow, but I also ski a lot on groomed. Considering that the length will be from 167 to 170 cm, which would be the best bet for me - the new Rossi Bandit X or the K2 Axis?
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hey oboe, good Q!

I am planning on getting a pair of the Axis X this year, 181cm... but if I lived in the East I would look hard at the new Bandit X. It's totally redesigned and I think will be a much more fun ski. 2 years ago when I bought my X-Scream Series, I demo'd the Bandit X and XX and didn't like either one, mainly because they felt so humdrum... no pop, no energy, rebound? what rebound?

All that supposedly has changed, and Rossi says the new Bandit X is powerful, energetic and full of rebound. Peter Keelty said likewise on his website, FWIW.

I'm going to demo the Bandit X and XX just for grins this year, but I'm pretty darned sold on the Axis X. The X-Scream Series are about to become my rock skis.
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Oboe, i skied this years XX and it was amazing, one hell of a ski. I heard people tell me (here i think) that the new X was practically a carbon copy of the Salomon Xscream series (notice the nearly identicle shape). For you, i would go with the Bandit X, you cant go wrong. It's deffinitly a step up in performance on hard snow from the Axis, and if it skis like the xscreams i have, you will love it in crud. Good luck with your choice and have a great time on them, and let us all know how they ski.
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Methinks you are going to like the Bandit X. Same footprint as the Axis X, I think, but much more pop.


You may also want to consider the Axis (no X) ski. Wider and shapelier than the Axis X, but very well reviewed by all.

Good luck guys!
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Was this a set up question to get me to post? How's it going Oboe? Hey, you know my answer. If they have improved on the X this year, it must be a fantastic ski. The graphics are hotter also.
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I'm psyched to test the new X. My old ones may be heading toward retirement aka rock skidom before too long. The old X didn't cut the deep or harder crud so I also own the Fischer 74 (same shape as the Bandit XX but lighter and a bit stiffer). The new X falls between the two. It will be interesting to see, if I do buy the new version, which will be the favored pair by the end of the year: the 74 or the new X.

I demoed the ModX last year and found it to be super damp, which was good but the ski seemed heavy. It was stable and blasted through anything and handled bumps surprisingly well.

A good ski but not for me.

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Other than the slight dimensions differences from the Axis to the Axis X, they both have 70-mm waists and nearly identical contruction. Personally, I don't see why a person would need to have both, even if in slightly different sizes. The Bandit is probably a good choice, but what about a G3 in a shorter length? Not as much of a finesse ski, but definitely geared a bit more towards the east. A short Atomic 11.20 would fit the bill, as well.

I am thinking about a XXX this year, but my prior expereince with a X makes me a bit reluctant. After about 50 days they felt "soft". On the other hand, if you don't plan on keeping them for more than that, you'll be fine! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Lars? The truth? Of COURSE!! Nice to see you post. How's it going with YOU? At this time, my surgeries are done . . . well, for now, anyway, and I really don't believe I'll need any more, so I'm looking forward to a great season - sking and tennis, tennis and skiing - can't beat that combo! But as to the Rossi versus the K2? Did I expect you NOT to love the Bandit X?! Ya, when dogs fly!
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The new Rossi Bandit X is supposed to be similar to the K2 Axis X in dimensions. However, it has that rear end taper thing that lets it out of a turn easier. Are these skis essentially the same, and if not, just what is the difference between the new Bandit X and the Axis X, both physically and in the way they behave on snow?? Would I have that "middle ski" that's right for me by moving down from the 174 to the 167 in the K2 Axis [no X], should I go to the Axis X in 167, or would I be closer to that do everything ski in a 170 new Rossi Bandit X?

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Whatever ski I get next I will always wonder perhaps this or that would be a better ski. Then I get the next ski and am satisfied for a couple of weeks. But then perhaps this or that would be ..... oh please tell me I'm not the only one.

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hey you watch yo' mouth, man! you talkin' 'bout me?! huh?!! [img]redface.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by oboe:
hey you watch yo' mouth, man! you talkin' 'bout me?! huh?!! [img]redface.gif[/img]<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

YOu know I'm talking about us. Look, lets jut find other 'believers', buy every new ski each year and swap ski's every other weekend (it's gotta be cheaper in the long run).

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BLASPHEMY!! If I change my ways, how else will I stay broke?!
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Don't worry brother all is not lost, if we ever drift onto the shameful side of positive bank balances we can always resort to buying race tuned bindings or PMTS ski lessons.

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Just for the record, DB et al., how many times can I have 857 posts?!
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or 858????
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Hey Oboe...just trying to help you rack up those posts....but as for your question...have you considered the Volkl G 30 or whatever they are calling it now? I was talking to a patroller last year who thought it was a great NE ski. If it weren't for the deal I got on the T3 Epics, I'd be on them.
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Thanks, Hugo, I can't tell you how much my wife nags me to "get on that EpicSki and rack up more posts". It's about as many times as she tells me, "Gee, hon, you really should be drinking a lot more beer." ahem. About the skis: Yes, I have considered them, but no, they're not what I want to consider now. The choice has basically been narrowed down to these: NEW Rossi Bandit X in 170 cm or K2 Axis in 167 cm. The only other one I'd think about is the K2 Axis X in 167 cm - but probably not. Thanks for the thought and the extra posts - I thank you, and my wife is unable to express the true depth of her gratitude [lucky us].

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