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Fox Hunting

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Sorry that it's come to this, but...

1. I post many times a day here.
2. My posts are frequently, in conventional wisdom, off topic.
3. My posts are frequently irrelevant.
4. My posts frequently have nothing to do with skiing.

So, here is your opportunity. If you want me to shut up, or reduce my posts, or just leave, then please reply to this thread.

Those that are OK with me around, don't post here, I'm not looking for an ego boost, I'm just trying to find out if I should go.


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Don't go, Fox. I find your posts entertaining (or at least amusing) most of the time. I wasn't aware that there was a quota on posts or a rule that they need be "on topic"...
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Stick around, we need some source of relif here.
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Ack! Noooooo, don't leave! I like your wry sense of humor.
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Dude. Pull up a chair. Toss the line in the water. Have a beer or four. Don't mind the mosquitoes, it's all they know how to do.
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Ryan - mossies?
Well, they can bite my shiny metal a$$.

I'm here, and no one will make me leave (apart from AC, dchan, Todd, and any other moderators...!)

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