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I am going to be looking for a new Bike soon, does anyone know what new coming out. I need a bike that can pull my trailer behind it without putting so much stress on my legs.Going to have two kids in it instead of one.

Also if any one of you have tried rigging one of these to hold a car seat in it. I have a two seat Burley trailer and I am not sure if I can rig the baby car seat in it with my older girl in it also. My baby won't be One till august and I don't want her to have stress to her body.

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SnO Eagle,

Congrats on your growing family. Wonderful news!

The most important thing about a new bike is that the frame size and geometry is appropriate for you. Doesn't matter if it's a road or mtn. bike.
Since you'll be hauling around your kids, speak to your bike shop tech. and he/she will set you up with the proper gears, crank length, etc... and get you "dialed in". Once this is acomplished, you shouldn't have problems with "stressing" your legs.
Don't know about trailers and car seats, but I've a buddy who's gone through this twice in the last few years. I can ask him. Best of luck!

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Glad to hear that you are going with a trailer! When I managed a bike shop a few years ago, there was never a short supply of people buying a trailer after they wiped out and injured their kid in a bike seat. Hard way to learn a lesson.

As far as bikes go, comfort is the key! Gearing should be good on almost all types of bikes, but lower on a MTB. Today manufactures are making street specific MTBs with smooth tires and 26" tires, which are more sutible for differnt conditions. If you are not planning on hitting the trails with this bike, look into those. The bike should fit you like a glove. All bikes come in enough different sizes that one should fit you good. If a stem is to long/short, handlebars to wide or whatever, a good shop should be able to swap in different parts ant little or no fee. On the trailer, make sure to use the screen, keeps rocks from flipping off your rear tire and into one of the kids faces!

Congrats with your family!
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Thanks guys

Oh do I know the safety of them, I bought this one 3yrs ago. I have two now and have to figure out how to fit the set in.

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I have used my burley with a car seat, but I don't think you will be able to get another child in too. You may have to use a child
seat on the bike, until your littlest is big enough for the trailer without the car seat.
After they are a bit bigger, 4-6, I got a tandem trailabike that they really liked.
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I was hoping I didn't have to get a child seat on the bike, I wish burley would make a special type of seat for children under one that can protect them like a car seat can.
And then when they are old enough take it out, that mesh netting just does not give the right protection.
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I'd get a 700c wheeled bike. Less rolling resistance. A hybrid type of bike with mucho gears that I'm sure you can get from Trek.

Helmet those kids! Those trailers seem sketchy to me.

Last tme out on my bike I was down in Denver for Thanksgiving. I took a ride on the bike path from downtown to Cherry Creek Reservior. At the beginning of my ride coming the other direction was local boy and euro-pro Jonathon Vaughters, kitted out in his Credit Agricole uniform, skinny as a lamppost, and pulling his kid(s) in a trailer. Cool! Getting some dad time in with his training time.
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Have helmets all right, would never take the girls out without them on. (the baby's is still to big) plus here we have to have blinker lights on the bikes too. Its mostly country and it get real dark at dusk.
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Guess what! I didn't need to put my youngest in a car seat after all. With both girls in it, my oldest looked after her little sister.

The only think is I found out how out of shape I am.
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Here is my experience with twins and a Burley trailer.
Be careful if you buy a mt. bike. A lot of them have disc brake mounts on the frame that won't allow you to use the Burley frame mount. You would need something that mounts to the seat.
I use a Jamis Coda hybrid bike. It is a great bike for multi-purpose use. If you really get into riding, it is good for long distances. I do a lot of my road training on it.
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