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Any one here play?
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Yeah, I play, but not very well, haven't been out for about 2 years, so handicap is probably around 18. Lowest I've had it was 12.

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I play. Here in Hawaii it's easier to do than skiing. I'm a 3 hcp at golf and a 24 hcp at skiing. skidoc
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Love golf. 12 hcp. Wish I could play more.

It's a travesty that I've actually played more golf this winter than skied... Just played down in Philly this weekend. In shirtsleeves....yikes.

C'mon Fox, let's tee it up! We'll take on GAPer and Ski Doc.
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OK, I'll try to get a tee time at the R&A, if you guys can make it along.

About three years ago I was offered a job with an Internet startup here in Ireland (I'm glad I didn't take it, the company went under just over a year ago!). For their launch party they had planned to take some of the world's top IT journalists & key businessmen on a round the world golf trip. Basically they were going to have around 100 guests and fly them from one course to the next, playing all the best courses in the world! To reduce costs, and time, it would be Play a round, get in pland, play another round, then sleep on plane on the way to the next course, so there would be few hotel bills. I think the cost of the event was somewhere around $3.5million, but it would have been fun!

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Love to play guys, but the airline ticket is probably out of my range. Ive been skibumming for about 5 years now and am thinking about goin to school for greenskeeping. Must be a great winter job and im sick of 7 dollars an hour. Played in Febuary this winter, tells ya how mild the alps are.
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Fox - was over your way this past fall. What a great place and the golfing experience and value is second to none. Played Castlerock, Royal County Down and Ardglass up in Northern Ireland. Others down south we played included Enniscrone, Portsalon, Lahinch, Ballybunion, Waterville, Rosapenna, Carne, Connemara and perhaps a couple of others that don't come to mind. Of course the Guinness was consistently excellent. Can't understand why some of the 45 million or so Irish in America don't start moving back! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Maybe we need a summer golf meeting of the bears.

As you can tell from the screen name wacking the little white ball is my other passion. Actually it's my summer job, working in a pro shop and teaching kids clinics.

Actually played in Denver a week ago Friday and yesterday they got 12 inches of snow. Colorado is so great!!!

Only 5 weeks to my first tournament of the season.
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Count me in for golf too. My home course, Bethpage State Park (Black Course), will be the site of the US Open this year. We play there 3 times a month during the season. Maybe Exit 154 isn't too far away?

One of the best trips I every took was to Vail in mid-April one year. Skied 1 day, golfed the next, rested the 3rd day, and repeated this for two weeks! Great skiing and great golf! My luggage scene was hillarious though. [img]smile.gif[/img]

I score in the mid-80's on the Black Course and usually lower on easier tracks. Just like skiing, everyday is different.
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Keoki - thanks for that, moving to London, one of the things I'll miss is the excellent Irish Links courses.
The reason everyone doesn't move back is cause we have standards!

SnG - Will you be around in June?
I may be in Denver at a business conference, and would love to meet up for a round.

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Never played Bethpage, wanted to before this year. Mid 80's out there is a quality round from what I hear. Which tees are you playing from? Lots of great golf on the Island. I've played Montauk Downs a couple times, also a dream round on the National.

Golf has become my passion moreso than skiing these days unfortunately. Skiing is too easy compared to this game....

What a great thing to have the US Open on LI again. Won't be able to come see it, but I'd love to get out there later in the year. You name the date in the fall, I'll be there.

Going to Southern VT this weekend to try to scavenge up any of the snow you might have left for me....

Keep it in the short grass....
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Hey I forgot to ask, which course are you working at? My dad is a member at the Breck course, nice track! I've played it a couple times with him. What a nice place.

Man, you're in the zone, just like your tag says! Truly envious!

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the compliment. We play from the white tees. After the renovations, many of the white tees are where the old blue tees used to be. You would not believe how far back the blue and US Open tees are.

I agree with your comment that skiing is so much easier than golf. I still love the freedom to choose any challenge level when skiing. The adrenaline rush of a steep or technical descent is unmatched by golf.

I hope you will get a chance to play some golf on Long Island this summer. Let me know.

This time of year, I start to consider whether I enjoy spring skiing more than cold spring golf.
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Golf. Love it, Love it, Love it. Just ordered my staff pro stuff. Some new Titleist blades, Vokeys, Metalwoods, balls, and a Cameron. Great Toys, just like skiing.

If anyone is out here in Summit County, just gives us a call at The River Course at Keystone! 970.496.4444. We are scheduling an opening for May 18th.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Lawson
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