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Skis for a bigger guy

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Hi all! Fairly new to the site and in need of some advice. I'm 6'2" and 270 lbs and after a new set of skis with my preferred ski being an all mountain. I would also class myself as an advanced skier.


Ive had my eye on the blizzard bonafide but would consider any that would suit my build. Also stuggling to find an outlet for the bonafide in the uk or outlet that will ship to the uk,


Im also not certain what width under foot and lenth of ski would be for me 


an advice would be greatly appreciated!

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There's no way to give you width advice without knowing what your goals are and where you ski.

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I am 6'4" and 250 lbs, so I am in the "big guy" class. I have been shopping for new skis this past season and bought two pair, SkiLogik Ullr's Chariot, 101mm underfoot, 178 cm long and Rossi Radical 9SL TI slalom race skis, 70 mm underfoot, 175 cm long. The chariots are fine at this length, but they make a 188 cm that was my first choice and I would recommend that for you. I bought used and didn't have a choice.


In general, we want a ski that is 180+ long, 185 cm is a good choice, unless it is really stiff (such as the rossi's) and then you can get by with a 175-180 cm ski. One of the best all around skis for us is the Dynastar Contact 4X4 in 178 cm, which is not made anymore.


The bones would be a good choice, get the 187 cm length. Depends on what you want for a ski. The Chariots make a great one ski quiver for a wide ski (90-100 mm), the Bones will be in the same class as the Chariots. Check out SkiLogik, they will ship all over the world and the prices for new skis are reasonable. You can also go with a 80+ mm wide ski as a 1 ski quiver, such as Kastle MX88, Elan Amphio 82 Ti, and others as long as you buy the 180+ cm length. Check out the "for sale" section, as someone is selling a MX88 in 180+ length that would work well for you.


I decided to go wide, and then go SL race ski (rossi's) for my second pair. They are so stiff that they will perform well on hard snow, not too good on soft snow, but I haven't skied them yet, so I don't know for sure.


Skis I would recommend are: Dynastar Speed Course Ti, Elan Amphibio 82 xti, SkiLogik Ullr's Chariot TT, Blizzard Bonifide or Cochise. There are lots more, PM me if you want and I can send you my "short list" of skis I looked at and tried. You need to explain what you are looking for in more detail if you want better/more advice.

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I reread your post and realized you are looking for a new "all mountain ski". OK, then that typically means a 80-90 mm width. If you are on groomed surfaces mostly, 78-85 mm is good width. If both groomed and off trail, then 85 +/- mm, and if mostly off trail, them really 88-110 mm is good. Length as post before 178-188, stick with 180+ if possible. You will like the wider skis better in deep snow and the narrower ones in packed snow better. Unless you ski off trail a lot, I would reccomend a Kastle MX88 or similar ski, lots of good 85mm+/- skis out there. All 75-88mm skis are more packed snow biased. Once you get into the 90's and above, have to be careful on if the ski can handle hard packed snow, some can and some are terrilbe (powder ski types). The Bonafide and Chariot are very good on packed snow and give up a little in deep powder.

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Hi all! Fairly new to the site and in need of some advice. I'm 6'2" and 270 lbs and after a new set of skis with my preferred ski being an all mountain. I would also class myself as an advanced skier.


i got some187  bonafides last year for my do everything skis and they are smooth,damp, stable, fast and turn initiation is stupid ez. I don't think they give up much at all in 1 foot plus conditions as the tips float and turn easier as speed comes up. Sadly i took years off them in just a few days of powder over rock conditions last year

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