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Jungfrau Marathon

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Any of you Running Bears - and I imagine there must be quite a few out there - ever run the Jungfrau Marathon?

For those who don't know what I'm on about, have a lookie here...


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Nope, never heard of this one. From the pictures it appears that some of the course is trails. If you race this and like it, there's a marathom as well as a 100 mile stage race in the Himayalas that you may want to try next. Have fun!
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Thanx, BadRat.

I'm thinking of doing the Jungfrau in 2003 rather than this year - I've not raced the distance before and would need to get in a less challenging marathon first.

I know exactly where it is, though - in fact, I'll be ski-ing over large chunks of it in four weeks' time!

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Scotski, I'm a trail runner (15 years) and have been training and racing in the mountains so those pic's got my attention. The reason I got into skiing is that I could keep going to the mountains during the winter.

I seem to recall that there were a few niffty trail races (of various lengths) in either N. England or Scotland. If you're interested, you can search www.ultrarunning.com or www.trailrunner.com. Cheers!
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