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Any Midwest/Eastern Skiers try DPS Wailer 99's?

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I am considering a pair of Wailer 99's for an everyday ski to go with my 112RP's.  Anyone who skis in the midwest or east regularly been out on a pair? 

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Are you actually going to use them locally in the midwest / east? Don't think they would really be suited of that (with a few exceptions in N. Vt). 

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I knew that was coming and yes I plan to use them a lot.  I skied the 112's probably 10-12 days at home last season.  I have had  skis ranging from from 85-105mm for daily drivers since 2008 and they work pretty darn well in all but the iciest days.  Besides around here we seem to get spring conditions from December until march with an occasion cold snap.

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IMO and YMMV......About the only redeeming quality for the Wailer 99 as an eastern daily driver would be the nameplate. Other than that, there are better choices.......dozens of 'em.



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I really like the light weight construction they offer I just wish they made a hybrid version of the Cassiar 80.  The $1K+ before bindings is tough to swallow.

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cstreau, less curious about what width you like for daily driving than why the W99's seem to be a top pick for you in that width. I say this as someone who lives in the NE, has skied the midwest some, and owns the 112RP Pure. Special, very focused ski, probably the best thing ever made for powder in the trees. One of a kind. But really a handful in rough, crusty, or variable conditions, too much jounce. I assume that the same issues would apply to the W99 Pure, so that leaves the Hybrid. I assume that's what you're talking about. 


Now whenever I think about DPS Hybrids, regardless of model, I'm underwhelmed. Not so much because there's anything wrong with them but because there's also nothing exceptional, either, that separates it from a lot of competition that's far cheaper and in the case of the W99 has a longer track record with better reviews. The Bonafide comes to mind, as does the E98. Or for similar $$, PM Bros 179 or 183 are lighter, have a stronger set of reviews than the W99's, with no complaints about the rocker design being grabby. Or the Kastle FX94 is nearly as light and in a whole nother league refinement wise, for not too many more $$. 


biggrin.gif So your response is: 

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I skied at 7Springs for many years before moving west. So I am familiar with skiing hardback and slush on small mountains. Are free ride skis popular for use in midwest / south east areas now? I remember the big thing was cheater GS carvers or  bump specific freestyle skis for a daily driver. And if I still lived there I would be riding something like that. 


I don't see the need to multiple 5 point skis in the midwest. The tip/tail rocker and 5 point design of the 99 is still not doing a lot for you on manmade groomers.  Afternoon slush is hero snow. Something like an experience 98 or solly sentinel would probably work a lot better. Have you considered something mid 80s under foot, more conventional and groomer oriented (head 84, experience 88)? That would seem to complement your quite much more appropriately. But I am sure the DPS 99 would be much better than the 112RP. 

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^^^^ Forgot about the Sentinel. Nice call; serious ski but light. And while it may not garner any points around here, I'd say the Kendo is worth a thought. Again, light, very strong on rock hard ice or in stiff crud, pretty decent in bumps if you have the technique, next season's has early rise. 

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To clarify.....I like the 112 RP A LOT. I have skied the Wailer 99 enough that given the specified usage, I'd like it not at all. If one wanted a light but broad spectrum skiable chioce for the East, I think that the Nordica Steadfast or Hell and Back are vastly superior. Other contenders would be the Blizzard Bushwhacker and K2 Sideshow. Other skis mentioned are great choices too such as the Sentinel (which is not light BTW) but a fine ski nonetheless. (and vastly underrated)


If one were patient, there would be some spectacular deals available on some of these models within the next 30-45 days...................biggrin.gif...................just sayin'



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Slightly off topic...


How does the 99 do in more of its natural habitat out west compared to the other skis mentioned here, as well as others in the category?

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

^^^^ Forgot about the Sentinel. Nice call; serious ski but light. And while it may not garner any points around here, I'd say the Kendo is worth a thought. Again, light, very strong on rock hard ice or in stiff crud, pretty decent in bumps if you have the technique, next season's has early rise. 

Sentinal, light? You cannot be talking about the Salomon Sentinal? It is very well the heaviest and burliest ski in that mid 90's category. It is a real nice ski, that (and the Enduro 850) are very well the best performing skis Salomon has made in 20 years. The new Kendo with some early rise is nice and I do think it is a better application for the Mantra construction but the balance is off (tail is too stiff). The Bushwacker and Steadfast are much better balanced. A dark horse for next season is the Salomon Rocker 90, that skied fantastic for a sub $600 ski. 


Originally Posted by DaveB View Post

Slightly off topic...


How does the 99 do in more of its natural habitat out west compared to the other skis mentioned here, as well as others in the category?

It is good, but IMHO  and as SJ there are many better skis in that 99 category,not that the W99 is bad, it is just that there is better. As a western DD, the Bonafide is at the top of MY list with the Helen Bach and the Rossi E98 being next depending on what nuances I was looking for in feel from the ski. 


Back to the OT..if you have your heart set on the W99, go for it, you probably will be happy with it...but there are better choices. Sorry.

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this is such a versatile ski that will easily fit the bill and quite possibly actually excel in all that you want except for the hardest of days. 

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I see you are in Ohio. I just moved to Columbus. I'm guessing you mainly ski locally at PNS and maybe Mad River given your location. I'm curious to see what skis you end up with. I'm on 178 cm Line Blends right now mounted all mountain with Dynastar Touring bindings. Its a great set-up for out west, but I'm thinking of getting something a bit shorter and center-mounted to try a bit of park. Pow skis are 179 K2 Hellbents. 

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I skied the 184 99 pure on the east coast about half of my ski days last season and loved them. I spend a lot of time touring and in the BC, more than half of my ski days are away from the resort and I ski atleast 70-80 days a season. For that application the 99 is awesome. If you are skiing hardpack every day there are better skis out there. The cassiar 80 is also awesome and does what it is designed for. If you love the 112 you will probably love the 99. Are there better skis out there for ripping groomers everyday? Yes, definitely. But that doesn't make the 99 a bad ski by any regards and in fact it is my favorite ski at the moment (and I also have the 2013 Kendo, 2013 Bushwacker and some 2011 race stock blizzard race skis that I get out on). Just my 2 cents as someone who skis them often. But to be fair, it sounds like we are also doing very different things within skiing.

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I've had all sorts of skis of the last 4 years...2008 Fischer Watea 84's, 2009 Volkl Gotama, 2010 Dynastar Sultan 85, 2010 K2 Hell Bents, 2011 Icelantic Keepers, 2011 Iceltanic Pilgrims, 2012 DPS Wailer 112RP hybrids, and 2012 Ramp Frenzy.  There have been things I loved and hated about all of them.  I really think the 112's were the first ones I have bought that really were spot on what I wanted them to be.  That's not to say I hated any of them there was always something lacking.  The Hell Bents skied like went noodles on anything other than powder and needed to skied at high speeds to get the most out of them.  The Keepers had the tighter turn radius I like and didn't leave me stranded when not skiing knee deep powder but they weighed a ton.  I actually really like my Pilgrims.  They are light and have the right turn radius for me and they will probably stay around for another season but I am always to stay one step ahead.  Besides I have to admit I always like skiing on something new and different but around here anything other than Volkl and K2 is pretty different.  I really do like the way the 112's ski which is what lead me to the 99's. Reading some of the early reviews of the 99's makes me think its a very versatile ski but then some of the later reviews seem to make it out to more of a touring ski.  I just wish we had the chance to try some different skis around here because I know one of these days I am going to end up with something I hate.
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I own a pair of Wailer 112 (hybrids), and spent some time testing the new Wailer 99 Pures last spring here at Magic Mountain in Vermont.  If you want the experience of having two pairs of DPS skis in your quiver (excellent idea), and ski Ohio...perhaps a pair of the Wailer 99s would be really satisfying.  I have to say the Wailer 99 is one of those skis that people either click with, or can't. The issue is not performance, since the Wailer 99 has beaucoup power, snap, grip and capabilities.  The personality of the 99 is very different from the 112, and the technique to ski it as designed is very different. I would say the 99 is one of those skis an athletic skier would really appreciate, while it may be a slightly demanding ski for the laid back weekend warrior.  The more you lay into the Wailer 99, the more you get out of it.  It also transmits very rapid and intense feedback to the skier...perhaps at a level that may disturb some skiers.  While there are many skis moe suited to pure hardpack carving, and some 100mm waisted skis with more powder surfing ability, the Wailer 99 does cross over a large variety of surface types with excellent performance...more so than most "multi-surface" models from other brands.  Quality and longetivity with the DPS is excellent.  The Wailer 99 is very sensitive to tuning, and can really become unpleasant if not tuned correctly, but change personality 180 degrees with the proper tune.  The Hybrid construction might be better suited for recreational fun, while the Pure carbon construction really is for maximum performance, feedback and athletic piloting. I would say demo a bunch of skis in the 100mm waist category, then see if you can find a demo of the Wailer 99 and trust your feel underfoot to tell you what you really  want.  Feel free to ask questions about the 99...also check out Blister Gear Review for some interesting comments about the 99.

First Look:


Initial Review:


Second Look:



Fleet of DPS's, including several Wailer 99s




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Originally Posted by ExoticSkis View Post

I own a pair of Wailer 112 (hybrids), and spent some time testing the new Wailer 99 Pures last spring here at Magic Mountain in Vermont



Oh, those poor skis....especially last season  eek.gif

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Originally Posted by beyond View Post

 The Bonafide, E98, PM Bros, Kastle FX94 


just a couple quick notes:


-the OP has not offered too much personal feedback about what he is after in terms of ride and feel, so claims of "better" and "worse" seem out of place... though i tend to agree with the general sentiment.  DPS' claims of "daily driver" about the wailer 99 refer to localities with plentiful natural snow, opposed to groomed man-made snow. the wailer 99 is a deeply rockered ski with relatively short running length.  it certainly carves well and holds and edge, but there are limits to what, exactly this style of ski can accomplish.  in the midwest, I would be looking at something in the 80mm waist with an aggressive radius (such as the aforementioned cassiar 80), and bring the wailer 112 for trips, etc.


-the rocker profile and overall shaping of the wailer 99 would compare most directly to skis such as a rossignol s3, armada tst, etc.  this entire class of ski is going for very different styles and turn shapes than the above skis beyond mentions.


-the above skis are all very nice, and very well received, but lie in a totally different shape-class than the wailer 99. claims of "better" or "worse" between such different styles of skis lie more in matching the skiers preferences to the appropriate tool.  There are tons of folks that love the wailer 99 and find the bonefide boring and traditional in comparision (the blister review as an example).  they have different preferences, and therefore prefer entirely different shapes. 


-if you are looking for a ski with subtle tip rocker, long running length, and traditional mid 20's radius in the ~100mm waist, such as the skis listed above by beyond, dps makes that too.  its called the wailer 105.  i can't claim the wailer 105 is a better or worse ski than any of the above, i will leave it to others to offer that feedback.  all i am saying is that it is at the apples to apples comparison from the DPS range.  


-while the bonefide and e98 are ~$700 (which is actually the exact same price as dps hybrid is selling for at the moment), the pmgear glass skis and kastle fx94 are approx $1100...

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Big thanks to Marshall @ DPS for getting me exactly what I wanted.  I'll be sporting a pair of Cassiar 80's on the hill this year.  Let's just hope the skiing is better than last year.  I still want to try a pair 99's if I get the chance this year.

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^^ Have fun on them. If you are ever out east in NH/VT/ME pm me and I can get you on a pair of 99s.

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