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I must confess...

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ok I've committed a terrible sin, and put the rest of my ski season in jeapordy...I bought a new toy and it has nothing to do with skiing! damn. oh well. I just can't tear myself away from taking it out and getting all hot, sweaty and covered in mud !

I'm sure most of you couldn't give a hoot. but I had to tell you all.

heres a picture of my new toy:

please forgive me for sacraficing skiing days for days with my new bike and please somebody do a few runs for me !
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That's a load of CRRRRRAP! No way you are NOT coming up to Tahoe with me before the season ends and you blow away back to Australia! WHATEVER! NO NO NO!

Sorry Jane, but I am going to have to repo the bike until the end of the season. I'll be over tonight to get it. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Here's some thoughts:
Slash its tyres, cut the brake cables & remove the seat.

Then hide it somewhere Jane would never look.

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You'll never get your hands on my new baby !!!....I sleep with it every night !!

and as for the brake cables...who needs em...no seat...well hmm that could make for an interesting ride ! [img]redface.gif[/img] : :
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There's always plan B:

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That wouldn't be a fuel 90 WSD would it?


That bike has got no brakes, no gears and two flat tyres but I like the full suspension.


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DB - yep, it would.
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Those things cost a fortune! Must be around $1400!
That's about as much as 3 of my hi-fi speakers. What a waste of money!

You need an accountant to look after your finances.

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mmmm Jane got good deal on nice new bike...

thanks fox, there are a few people around the office I'm sure could help me out.

now if I could just work out how to balance my cheque book.
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Congrats on the new "baby" Jane! Hopefully it will get to meet my new Sugar!

But really you should be skiing, mud season will be here before we know it.
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Nice ride! From the looks of it, the distance between your seat post and head set looks pretty short. You should have good control over that bike on techy downhills. You'll have no problem staying back on that ride. Good choice and Disc too!!

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alas no disc.. has the mount for it but I ran out of $. maybe a future upgrade if I'm good

Kima - I'll be bringing it on my trip to Moab and CO in May so hopefuly we can ride together
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jane:

Kima - I'll be bringing it on my trip to Moab and CO in May so hopefuly we can ride together

Oh Sh*t, now I really do have to get in shape!
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Kima - we both know I drink way too much beer to ever be as fit and healthy as you !

its all good ! just going to enjoy being in the outdoors and not in this damn office ! grrrr
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