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Disc Golf Anyone?

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Though I could care less about tradional ball golf, I have become a Disc Golf addict. For those who are not aware of Disc Rules are similar except instead of swinging a club to knock a ball into a cup, you throw a disc into a chain basket.  There are over 3,000 courses now in the US and growing.  Many ski areas have included Disc Golf to their off season activities.  Plus, after a modest investment of a few discs at $10-20 each, the majority of courses are in public parks and therefore FREE!!


So lets here from the Disc Golfers here!


Rick G

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I played in the days before the chain baskets (I made up my own course). It made my transition to traditional golf easier.

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I still have a bag full of disks.  There are/were? at least two decent courses nearby here.  I haven't found the time to go chase disks since my kids were born.  But, it is something I think they would enjoy trying sometime.  I should try to remember the option sometime in the future when we're all sitting around watching TV on a nice day.

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I hope you don't mind me using my belly putterredface.gif   Actually, I do have a very unusual short put technique.  I hold the disk upside down, in my palm, thumb under the middle, fingers on the edge and stroke it like a basketball shot flipping it end over end backwards.  If I aim at the top of the basket it usually drops right in anywhere within about 20 feet.  And if it clinks off the chain or edge it doesn't roll 30 feet away  because it doesn't have any circular spin to start the roll.  It usually just settles flat.  Works well for elevated baskets too.

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Never heard of that putting style.  I may have to give it a try.  Always good to have as many weapons in your bag as possible.


Rick G

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Ive recently noticed  alot of these popping up in Florida, how long does a round take i think im gonna try it one of these days.

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