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Foot Pain, and solutions

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Hey i dont wanna be a noob, and im sure this is a pretty common thread, but ive got a pair of saloman x3 10 cs, i think,  and i've had them for a couple seasons, and for the first few days of my skiing trips there fine, but after about the fourth day I start getting like numbness and pins and needles in my feet after i have had them on for like 30 mins, kinda all over really not just a specific area. I have fairly standard insoles, but I do have fairly wide feet. Is it a circulation problem and is there anything I can do to make it better. I often dont feel the pain until I am stationary so I kinda think it might be a circulation thing.


Your advice is most appreciated, and if this question has already been asked just link me to that thread



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welcome to the mad house


there could be a number of things going on and without your feet in front of a fitter it is difficult to tell exactly what they are


first thing is to have a read of the wiki at the top of the forum which is called "which boot will work for me"  this will give you al the information you need to perform a simple shell check... how much space is there in the boot? too much and it could be that you foot is sliding forward into the toe box and compressing your instep and forefoot, too little (which is rare) and it could be general compression



also check how much flex you have available at your ankle joint, if this is limited then the X3 which has a high degree of forward lean will use it all up before you even attempt to ski, this can load the ball of the foot and as the heel tries to lift a little compress the instep into the top of the boot, all good ways of getting numb feet


other things to try would be 

thinner socks

better footbeds (but make sure they are well made)


but all in all it is impossible to give you an exact answer as to what is going on, you need to be seeing a good boot fitter, if you let us know your location we may be able to recommend one


good luck


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Thanks for the advice, I was thinking of paying a boot fitter a visit before next season. 


You know that high degree of forward tilt might just be the problem.


thanks again.

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     The X3 Lab is intended for racing, hence the extra forward lean, which will push your knees further forward---if you attempt to stand more upright (stand tall) this will push your feet forward into the toe box compressing everything.  If you aren't into racing you might look into having the boot cuff flared to the rear.  Also make sure you have the second buckle (the one around your ankle) from the top as tight as comfortably possible, so as to hold your heels back in the boot shell.  Don't tighten the 2 lower buckles as this will cut off circulation---they are only intended to close the shell.  Finally do the "shell check" Colin mentioned to see if the boots are the right size for you.



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Thanks again, yeah i understand there a racing boot, and i got them a couple years back when i did you know the usual amateur junir racing stuff. I like them cause there nice and responsive with the snow, so maybe i just need to work on my buckles



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the boot he has is the X3 10 CS not the X3 lab (it is the old falcon shell with custom panels) so not the full blown race boot even so it still has a big ruck of forward lean and all points written are valid

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