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Replacement for Elan speedwave12

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Looking for suggestions on replacement ski for Elan speedwave 12 in 176cm. Served me well over the last 3 seasons but looking for a more all mountain ski rather than carver.


I am 6' 200lb level 6 mainly groomers but mainly a bit more off-piste in future.


Ideally I would like something relatively easy to turn and good float over crud etc


I just bought Lange RX130 boots so something green-ish in colour is a bonusbiggrin.gif


Also - I am fine with older season models as far back as 09/10


Budget is $400-$600

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When you say 'mainly groomers but mainly a bit more more off piste' does that mean you will be (a) still mainly skiing groomers just a little less mainly than before? or does this now mean that (b) you will be skiing off piste more mainly than than on piste? I'm a little confused as to where you will be mainly skiing.


If (a) then you can find some "Giant Carver" type skis which are roughly 85-90mm wide and still have a lot of groomer oriented technology but on a wider platform which will give you some benefit in softer snow (especially shallower soft snow) An example of this would be a Blizzard Magnum 8.7.


If (b) then you'll be looking for a ski in the range of roughly 88-98mm wide that will not have quite the grip or power of the skis in the (a) group but will offer more versatility and a more nimble feel in off trail conditions. This type of ski will of necessity sacrifice somewhat in grip and stability on really hard snow. An example of this would be a Nordica Steadfast.


There are several options and examples available in each category.



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sorry about unco message.. must have been asleep when I wrote it.


To clarify.. I will be mainly on groomers with some off-piste in the future.. probably 80% groomers / 20% off-piste

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also.. not sure what type of rocker combo I should go for.. Rocker/camber/rocker perhaps?

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For your stated usage, the (a) group would be a good fit. Most of these will have some small amount of tip rocker and camber the rest of the way. One example in this category (Volkl RTM 84) has continuous tip to tail rocker. Some will not have rocker at all and they will be fine choices as well. If you go back to 09-10 models you will not see rocker on any of the skis in this category but given your usage, I wouldn't agonize over how much rocker (if any) the ski has. It won't matter much and for sure will not be definitive.


Good choices...........


Atomic Crimson Ti

Blizzi Mag 9.7

K2 Aftershock

Rossi Exp 88

Salomon XT 850




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A blizzard mag 9.7 would be ...... interesting! wink.gif

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What condition are the elans in? If they're good, do you really want to replace them? Youve got a decent carver already, maybe the best route would be to add to the quiver, in which case I would go with an off-piste ski to prevent overlap.
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thanks all for the suggestions/comments.


Elans are in 8/10 condition

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Finally.. is 176cm length the correct length for myself or should I consider shorter or longer?

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In most ski models, 174-178 would be about right. A Blizzard Magnum M-Power for example is such a strong ski that a 174 is plenty of ski for almost anyone.



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Volkl Kendo is a great ski in that space too.  A hard snow biased all rounder.  I don't own it, but managed to demo it (amongst others) three weeks ago.  Worthy of consideration.

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If you've been happy with the Elans, and want something a little more all mountain, why not go with the Elan Waveflex 78 Ti? I've owned both the Speedwave 12 and the Waveflex 78 in a 176. I'm about your size, and the 176 works fine. The two skis actually ski quite similarly, so if you liked the Speedwave 12, than you'll feel right at home on the Waveflex 78. If you want to stay with the green theme, Try a pair of the Head Supershape Magnums. I also own a pair of those, and I love them. Approx. the same dimensions as the Speedwave 12. Perhaps a little more pop than the Elans, but they also have a lot of terrain versatility. If you want something a little wider, the SS Titan is basically a wider version of the Magnum. If you're not sure of the length it might be wise to demo. I can say with confidence that the Elan Waveflex 78 would be right for you in the 176. As I said, the Supershapes have a little more kick to them, so you probably could go either way with them. The Titan is a little more burly than the Magnum, so if you choose to go that route, then you might be happier on the 170. Best advice is always try before you buy.

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I have some (new)  Kastle LX 92 in 174cm with Marker demo bindings on them.  These would be a nice transition for you because they are good on the groomers and wide enough for soft snow as well.  PM me if interested as these fall in your price range.

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Like Elans ? The Amphibio 82 might be a good tradeoff for a little off piste stability.  A bit slower edge to edge but forgiving in initiating edging off piste compared to what you skied on last. It sounds like what you are looking for. Now find a last years model to fit your budget.

The next step would be the  Amphibio 88 for even more float and versatility geared towards more time spent off piste.

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