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Nendaz Switzerland Snow Report

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My girlfriend and I are going to be spending next season in Nendaz Switzerland, just around the corner from Verbier.  We're going to try to post daily snow and ski condition updates on our blog at  .  If you are planning a trip to the neighbourhood, take a look.





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Probably want to re-post this during the actual winter since it will be buried and forgotten long before then. Also, should probably post it in Eurozone.

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Thanks for the tip, we just got the site together and want to get it out there and see if people can find it before crunch time.  


I'll re-post in the euro-zone in the fall when people are staring to think of snow.

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Hi  I am looking at staying in nendaz the last week of March.  My one concern is my wife does not ski much.  How much shopping and dinning is there?

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