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I usually follow a few TGR threads especially the B.C. Interior Thread, as there are more posters from my region on TGR than Epic. Even though I am not a back country skier and most of the posters on that thread are bc skiers, I still find it interesting and informative and useful to know what is happening skiing wise around the British Columbia Interior.

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I have nothing against TGR -- I've been wearing their hoody for the past few years!



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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post


I don't think anyone here could have given birth to what posts over there...that is just bad parenting. 


I think the S/N ration here is better. 


I have said this before....


Epicski: A restaurant that serves drinks

TGR: A bar that serves food. 

NS: Chuck E Cheese's


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Epicski is like a therapy pool; TGR is like a shark tank.


Epicski is Law and Order; TGR is Breaking Bad.


At Epicski social propriety is the norm; at TGR social propriety is for laughingstocks.


Epic attracts more vacation oriented skiers, TGR attracts more ski bums.


Epic has a lot of ski racers, TGR has people who got bored with racing.


Epic is home of groomer skiers, TGR is home of powder skiers.


I tend to like Epicski more during breakfast and TGR more after work. There are many people who actively post on TGR who ski at Snowbowl, and who I see regularly, the only person I know from Epic who skis The Bowl was banned here.

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Epic ski = a moderated skiing forum with a moderated modicum of respect and civility.

TGR = an unmoderated skiing forum with an atmosphere that encourages as much effort placed on a particular sense of humour, somewhat including presentation of image, for entertainment purposes, when crafting posts. 


It's the  humour, especially the sarcasm,  that can lead to problems and is therefore moderated on Epic.


It's all good.

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I retired from teaching middle school: TGR reminds me of those kids.  Now I work with nice, quiet, polite Christmas trees and I very rarely go to TGR. 

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TGR wants their members to be part of a tighter community and you have to show your interest and cred. Its not just about "skiing" there, its much more of a lifestyle site.  Epic caters to the serious skier but they are far more interested in the Feeling good, every one is welcome, its good for our traffic and commercial value over attracting and developing a die-hard, core community (hence tolerance for helmet threads and other nonsensical posts. I post there much less than here but do a lot more research there. 

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