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FS: Armada JJ 175 2011/2012

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These are the 2011/2012 Armada JJ, size 175 cm. They have only been used once and have been race tuned to near perfection. I am selling these UNMOUNTED. Only selling them because they were a bit short for me.

These retail for $675, but I am looking to sell them for around $500. I am very open to negotiations on the price, though. I have a bunch of extra gear (high-end and some low-end) lying around my house that I am trying to get rid of. So, if there is any gear that you need/want, let me know and I bet I can help you out (helmets, goggles, poles, gloves, boots, jackets, other skis...you name it, I've probably got it). I'd be happy to do a package deal with these skis (I'd basically just give you free stuff if you buy the skis hah).DSCN5451.JPGDSCN5454.JPG

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You know if you sell these, then you'll have a great powder season? 

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You can find these for around $500 undrilled, so you're probably going to have to lower your price a bit.

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I am selling these for $420.00...NOT 500

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You can buy them brand new, undrilled for $450.  Your price is way too high.

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390$  these skis have only been used for 1 hour of powder skiing, so they are essentially brand new.  you can decide if drill holes for Marker Dukes are worth saving you 60$...these are dope skis 

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Funny seeing this on here. I just saw your local Craigslist ad for these skis a couple days ago. What are the odds??


I got a pair of 2012 185 JJs with brand new bindings only used three times for $560. Raise the price a little and add a pair of nice bindings and I'm sure you'll sell these instantly.


Unfortunately most people would prefer spending a little extra cash for brand new skis over saving 60 bucks for lightly used.

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I can sell these with Dynastar PX 12 bindings with/without Fluid plates...


mounted with those bindings, I'll sell for $550.00


open to negotiations

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No chance you could sell them with the Marker Dukes? If so, what size of boot length do the fit?

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might be able to sell them with barrons or a different pair of bindings...they are size SMALL, Marker Duke bindings.  all other bindings will fit similarly...

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Hey I'm located on Kelowna bc, where are you. I'd like to purchase
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ill pay 390!!

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pm`d you have mail!

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Im interested in checking out the skis. I live in avon and assume that you live nearby based on the beaver creek poster in your photo. sent you a pm

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interested in the JJ's.

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r u in CO ? i am in Aspen.

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Still for sale? Looking for skis and bindings. 



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Are these skis still available?

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Guessing they're sold?

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ill go $400 for these skis and does it include the bindings

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hi, I ski on 170 now rossignol bandits.  Do u think these would b to long for me?  i would say i am an ok skier.  i have been pregnant or with a baby for the last 5 yrs, needless to say I am in the marker for some new gear.  I would also b interested in any cute girl sz small stuff u may have.  Let me know



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Wondering if these are still for sale

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Are they still available? Email me at zzz.jones@hotmail.com



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