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Kids' boot sizing

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Hi there.


I need to buy ski boots for my kids for the upcoming season. I have no choice but to order online (the ski stores near us only carry adult boots). Am wondering about sizing. Here are the stats:


4 year old's feet measure a hair under 18cm (tip of toe to heel, without socks), so I am guessing a size 19/19.5 will work?


7 year old's feet measure a hair under 20cm, so I am guessing a size 21/21.5 will work?


Does that sound right? I'd like to err on the bigger side, so the boots (hopefully) last the season, but I don't want the kids swimming in the boots, obviously.



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that is a safe bet, BUT ....


fits a range for 3 sizes, and comes with a full intuition liner.  Warm toes + right size boots = happy kids = happy you

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Wow... Thanks, mntlion--this is a great tip. I am interested in getting these for my 4 year old. I am curious as to whether water tends to leak in from where the two parts of the boot overlap (the adjustable size seam). Have you seen these boots actually being used and do you know if people have been happy with the performance and water-resistance?


I had also heard bad things about the old Rocces adjustable boots (that any forward pressure tends to expand the boot while skiing!), but the FT boots seem to solve that problem with the allen screws on the shell.


The other option for my 4yo would have been the Atomic Hawx Junior, which I could get at a good price at the moment, so I wouldn't mind if she outgrew it after a season.


Thanks a ton!

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they work great,   we sell them to locals, and if they didn;t work, we would hear about it.

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Excellent! I just ordered a pair of those FT "growth spurts" for my daughter, and some langes for my son. Kids are all set for the ski season now... Just need to wait a few months for some snow :-) Thanks so much--I really appreciate your advice!

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