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F1: Barcelona testing...

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McLaren driver Alexander Wurz sets record on circuit, 0.007 faster than Michael Schumacher's previous record set at Spanish GP qualifying last year.
Wurz also stated he'd turned down a drive offer w/Toyota, hoping to replace Mika. (Raikonnen gets the ride, Wurz tests. Now, anyway.)

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I'm thinking the "RED" cars will be there when it counts. Don't forget, one year it was Arrows that set the pre-season records. There's a lot of "psych" that goes on this time of year.
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Your not kidding. Running under weight, special fuels, dodgy engines the whole nine yards. Don't forgot there isn't any scrutineering at these unoffical sessions, and a super quick lap time can do wonders to clinch last minute sponsorship deals and what not.
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Looks like the grid will be 22 again this year. Prost went down the tube today. Sounds like Hienz Harald is scrambling for a drive.
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I look for Reubens to emerge this year if he can keep it on the track.
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Yeah. Jean Todt said all he has to do if he wants more attention is be quicker than Michael. Which he was the next day. It would be cool if they were 1-2 this year.
I would like to see Michael equal(break) Fangio's record however.
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ALL ye people who dislike Schumacher, Unite yourselves.!!!!!!
ALL Ferrari -bored F1 fans, say this in chorus: Schumacher is the best pilot(shamefully) BUT ALSO THE SOAREST LOOSER and most unfair F1 DRIVER ever. : : : :
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While acknowledging his phenomenal driving skills (and just a plain smart driver besides), I've never been much of a fan of the guy. He can give it out but when it comes to taking his own medicine, he's proven he can quickly descend to the maturity level of a 6-year-old (which I delight in observing). Still, the two years my man Mika was on top went quite a good distance in introducing Michael to some humility, which he's slowly learning to wear better. THE PASS at Spa helped a lot, too. Now he's got his own brother and Montoya taking shots and making passes. It all makes for great F1.
Still, all things equal (now that Mika's gone), he remains the man to beat.
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I'd have to agree. I'm not a fan of MS, but he is the best driver. I would love to have seen him race at his best against Senna. Then we would have seen something special.
I'm not sure who can challenge him this year. Montoya or Ralph would be my best bets, and Coulthard, provided he doesn't crack.

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DC will in the end not have enough. He cracks. He's a fine driver - hell, they're all the finest drivers in the world - and he can qualify and now and then put an entire race together. but he was not mika's match at mclaren (it's results, david, not words) and he's no match for michael. i'd love to be wrong and watch him break out but i believe he lacks the character. (some away-from-track behavior has certainly highlighted that fact.)
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