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Help me ski switch

Poll Results: Best "learn to dabble in the park, but still ski other areas of east coast mountains" ski

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    Salomon Suspects
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    Atomic Theory
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    Armada El Rey
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Summer time dreaming of pow season again...

Last year I got Scott Dozers - and absolutely love them. But I am leaving them out west for daily driver and to avoid traveling with skis all the time. I live in RI, ski only a few days out east these days - MA and southern VT generally.


Skiing about 5-6yrs, progressing intermediate to low level advanced. Just beginning to try skiing switch and doing more jumps, spins etc. Light weight, but fairly tall - 6', 150lbs with ski boots on :)


Seeing as I want to learn switch and some jumps etc - and that this will just be my east coast, weekend muck around ski, I don't need anything uber versatile (not expecting back country pow days) - so liking the mid 80's waist type range. But as I am also not a genuine park rat, I will still split time between learning/playing in the park with lapping groomers and skiing rest of mountain. Not much of a rail/jibber, more jumps, spins etc 


My line of thinking is
 - obviously full twins, but probably not symmetrical (yes want to learn switch, but also perform on front side)
 - moderate flex - stiffer under foot (stiff enough under foot to hold an edge groomers/all mountain, but forgiving enough to learn in park)


Am a little torn between sidewall construction, cap or the newer-school hybrid. Sidewall better for edge hold around the mountain, but cap more forgiving. Don't want to be too worried about hooking edges while learning spins, jumps, switch etc, but also don't want something that's going to completely wash out on the rest of the mountain.


I know there's a lot of skis in this category, but based on best $$ deals I can find, leaning towards:

 - Salomon Suspects - full sidewall, but generally park specific, slightly stiffer than a jib noodle so OK all mountain

 - Armada El Rey - cap construction, but supposedly decent edge and all mountain due to wood core

 - Atomic Panic - partial sidewall/cap - decent all mountain reviews, but not sure about park/jump/switch - too directional?


I've actually not personally skied any of these. That's OK, willing to risk non-demo as it's only a few days per year as 2nd ski - not my primary obsession. Can anyone help me pick the winner? Anyone skied any of these and care to discuss their thoughts?


Much appreciated!


PS. Any tips on helping me learn to ski switch?

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By the way - the "Atomic Theory" in the poll is supposed to be "Atomic Panic"... don't drink and postbeercheer.gif

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Forget it everyone - I pulled the trigger. Happy trails.

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What did you end up buying?

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Rossignol Storm.

Wasn't on the list above, but I demoed the S3 a couple years ago and enjoyed it. Have been fairly impressed with the Rossi line the last couple of years and had a previous interest in the Storm. Came across a pair at a better price than any of the others on my list, so I snagged 'em.

Arrived yesterday, they look and feel good. Not a huge fan of the fat little Captain America dude, but a couple of stickers will fix that. Graphics is least of my concerns when buying skis anyway.


I'm sure I'll be happy with them.

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