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What type of Skiier am I? terrain

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Before I look to buy some gear for me to ski in I need to work out what type of skiing I do. I have ordered the type of skiing I do here. Please note that I want to progress to do more off piste skiing.

  1. Piste
  2. Moguls
  3. Carving
  4. Race
  5. Powder
  6. Park


The order is that I do Piste the most and Park the least (if at all). 

What type of skiier would you say I am and therefore what type of ski, boot and binding am I looking for?


Thanks in advance.


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I think some information on skier level (http://www.epicski.com/t/49569/refined-skier-ability-level-descriptions#post_627445) would help, as would WHERE you ski (to have an idea of the type of snow), and how long you've been skiing.  The fact that you separate Carving from Piste makes me think it's Europe, but I could be wrong.

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Yep, I'm from England, so I ski in France mainly but also at my local snow dome. I am 18 (been skiing with the family roughly once a year for a week since I was 4) and would consider myself "Advanced Low Level 8" based on that list on the link you gave. Also I have my BASI 1 qualification so I instruct in the local snow dome. 

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The problem is it sounds like you are mostly skiing at the snow dome and you are asking for skis for off piste.  Very few do it ALL well.  The skis that you will enjoy in the snow dome are entirely different skis than those which will help you off piste.  


Clearly you don't want reverse camber, but you may want early rise (although I'm not sold on them personally, but that's because I've been skiing standard camber for 40 years.)  I think a moderate (these days that is high 90's) width under foot would be right.  


But I really come back to the problem that what will make you a star in one environment is not the right ski for the other environment.  Even mid-Atlantic areas where they are mostly skiing hard and fast groomers are going to have more inconsistent snow conditions than this snow dome, meaning at some point you might use the features of a powder or off piste-focussed ski.  That can't be said for your situation.  I really feel like you need TWO DIFFERENT SKIS.  


AND, of course, FIRST YOU GET BOOTS before you worry about skis.  Skis are secondary to a correctly-fitting boot.  

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Yep, I know that boots are primary and the most important. But I will go to my local ski shop and talk to the guy there for that because he can see my feet. I am more interested to know about the skis than the boots at the moment, because I know how to sort out boots but not skis. 


The off piste skiing isn't my main focus to be honest. I went to France this year and when we went off piste we hired some Salomon N BBR 8.9 skis from Ski Republic which were great for that. If I can rent those skis for off piste I suppose the skis I would buy are more for on piste skiing and for teaching while at the dome. If it helps I use the BYS system from Head in the dome and I use the yellow 165 skis on a din setting of just over 6. These skis feel quite good. The only reason why I want to look into buying skis rather than carry on renting them is mainly because the instructors at the dome usually have their own gear and it is kind of frowned upon to rent from the dome while teaching.

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