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Gonz, no worries. It ain't going to happen this early biking season. You mentioned the 24hrs. of Moab. If you really are interested in that then I'd be game to talk about training and following through with a strong team effort in Moab.

Anyone else think that they would be interested in that? Ladies? Most teams need to be co-ed.

How about Astrochimp? We know you train on that sweeeet Nobilette on Foothills Pkwy. Hey Astro, wanna do the Triple By-Pass with me. Misery loves company. Right?

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I need to get a mtn. bike.
I've got a Derosa though...
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Pinhed. The Triple Bypass is on the list of rides for the summer. If I feel I can do it without it turning into a death march. My roomate uses it to train for the Leadville 100 which as you may know is 100 miles off road. A friend at work did the Bypass last year as well and may do it again. I have been riding a lot and making progress...mostly getting up to two hour rides and losing the weight I have put on the last 1.5 years as my motivation to be a tough guy on the bike fell off. But it is back! And my Nobilette is sweet. What a nice bike. Last weekend I was climbing this hill and caught up with Mark Nobilette who was out on his cross bike. How cool to be able to meet up with the guy who built your bike while on a ride! I am hooked on it now. My sweet litespeed softtail is sitting there with no parts hung on it yet. But it will get it's share of miles. I hope to hit winter park often this year. I love the trails up there. Road riding in boulder and mtn biking up there makes this me a strong monkey.

So...back to the Bypass. Let's keep in touch. I'll no more later.

An aside: I saw Danny Pate, the under-23 world tt champ win the Boulder-Roubaix last sunday. He is one sleek kid.

(edited for bad monkey spelling. BAD MONKEY!)

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Just got my Giordana and my Santa Cruz SL out of the storage locker yesterday. :

Mission #1: Lose about 10 pounds. :
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PinHed, I'm up for assembling a Bears team for 24 Hrs Moab, but I must warn you -- I'm not a serious racer any more, and I haven't seriously raced for over 4 years. I would do the event for fun, not for time/place. I wouldn't be slow, but surely I won't be spending my summer XC training. I have too much fun mtb'ing to treat it as a 2d job.

On the other hand, I am usually in very good cycling shape by the end of the summer, so I don't know whether I'm selling myself short, or just being cautious. DOH! :
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Gonz, for me a strong team effort means no crashes, no bonking, no major breakdowns, no whining, keeping our support team sober enough to be helpful and lastly the always elusive woman rider; I'm interested in the 5 person open category.

I think a good time for a lap in this event is around 2 hrs. Less in the day and more at night. My intuition tells me that you'll be pulling the short times and be ready to ride each time it's your turn.

If anyone is interested, then check out this info about the 24 hours of Moab

I'm going to ride the Triple Bypass this July and a couple more lesser known road tours. I might meet some riding candidates for our moab team on those rides. It's a thought.

Any Colorado roadie Bears wanna suffer next to me on a bike for several hours? Check out the triple bypass

I know of one other guy who'll definitely race Moab and lots of others who just talk. He's a good candidate because he rides really hard, has completed 12 marathons and he and I have been trying to do this race for three years. This has got to be the year. Finding people to commit is kinda hard. I think we'll need to register sometime before August 1st to secure a spot. That means $625.00 bucks for the team. How's that for commitment. :

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