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Bears Mtn Bike Gathering (continued)

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Rossland (Red Mountain) is the (self-declared?) Mountain Biking Capital of Canada.
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and it's not far from Nelson, which is the true capital of mtb riding. there is so much scary stuff in Nelson that a newbie needs Pampers.

the options increase
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I doubt I can make Fruita in May as I'll be burning through two weeks of vacation in July (Alaska). I'm planning on attending a mountain bike gathering in Davis WVA (late July). It's only a weekend long thing, but should provide some epic riding. All Bears are welcome to attend.
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Is that Davis West Va? Is that near Snowshoe? I rode there a few years back, it was absolutely amazing!!! That area has a real advantage over Moab in the heart of summer, less heat! The dessert is pretty hard on your body in July, must get up really early in the morning to ride.
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Davis, late July?

I can already feel the humidity making me wish I was an amphibian
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Altaskier - Yes, Davis is in West Virginia. It's about 1.5 hours from Snowshoe (you might be thinking of Slatyfork as that's very near Snowshoe and has amazing riding).

Davis should be a fun, but most likely muddy, weekend.

Gonz - Yeah, it'll be a mucky weekend but the temps shouldn't be too bad. Davis is always 15-20 degrees cooler that D.C.

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goz, et al
I will recast my vote for Fruita in May. + we can ski a day @ the bird too
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Is that Davis ride a pure downhill/long travel event or is it more like a cross country event?

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Nelson rules, having gotten creamed on a blue square there myself. Ayup, if that was an intermediate, I really don't want to check out the triple diamonds.

Did I learn a lot on that ride!!

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if you fellas make it to Fruita in May let us know. I'm going to be hangin out in Utah/CO for 3 weeks....just me and my mtn bike yeee haaaaa !
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Where's Fruita? I could probably do Utah.
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Theres an old Uraninium (sp?) mining town in South-Eastern Utah that has some pretty good mountain biking, hotels are cheap in the off season, and not bad in the spring either. Camping is plentiful, you can bring your truck and drive it up a wall as far as the locals care, mountain biking is second to none (in my opinion). Its close to a few really nice Naional Parks, and there are riding trails for 100's of miles in any direction. Hiking is good in the area, and slot canyons can be found a few hours away. There are endless possibilities for adventure if you like. The town's name is Moab, anybody heard of it?
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everyone has heard of it, thats the problem.

I have been riding moab since the late 80's & i love that place but fruita is in western co & has more rolling singletrack as opposed to slickrock.
Kokopelli trail runs from around fruita to moab
hey gonz a little help here!
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moab is shyte.

fruita rocks.

okay, here's some detail. moab is all about scenery. the riding is secondary. falls on slickrock damage YOU and your bike much more seriously than falls on other surfaces. Imagine riding on terrain covered firmly with 80-grit aluminum oxide paper. while there are some fun techie trails, moab really is an "experience" rather than a great riding venue.

fruita is all about singletrack and tough lines -- by tough, I mean you have to be smart about your line selection. You do not necessarily have to be in the top 25% of riders ranked by skill, because the lines aren't hard to see. but they do limit you much more than would a broad expanse of slickrock. fruita's trails are fun, fun, fun. the scenery is great, but it's not the draw to riding in fruita.

CAVEAT: I've only ridden fruita and haven't been to moab, but I have many friends who have ridden both extensively, and I am conveying their comparative thoughts. their sentiments were pretty universal in saying "moab is for scenery, fruita is for riding"

my last word on moab vs fruita - if the majority chooses moab, count me out. I have no interest in riding that place, no matter who I'd be riding with.

is everyone decidedly against riding up in BC? Fernie, the location of the 2002 Bears Ski Gathering, is a great place.
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I was just throwing in another opinion on places to ride. I was not even trying to get support to go there. I've never ridden Fruita, and would welcome the opertunity to ride there, it could be a blast. I've heard that it is great. I started riding single track when I first started and its still my favorite.

However, Moab has a lot to offer other than just slickrock. The Slickrock Trail itself is nothing for what Moab offers, and it is crowded. Other trails in the area are much better. Slickrock does hurt when you hit it, and you loose skin. But I've ridden many types of trails in Moab, most of which were not all slickrock.

Gonz, not trying to start a huge fight here, but to say that you would never ride Moab seems a little closed minded to me.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:
Gonz, not trying to start a huge fight here, but to say that you would never ride Moab seems a little closed minded to me.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well, on certain spring and fall days, I find myself wishing that there were a lot more who had the intention of never riding in Moab.
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the only time I will ride Moab is this coming fall for the 24 Hrs race.

AltaSkier, I have no interest in riding slickrock, jeep roads etc. My mtb skills are way beyond that stuff. The equivalent would be traveling to Chamonix and skiing bunny slopes. I don't need to drive 12 hrs to ride anything but serious technical terrain that makes me think twice. If I'm traveling that far, I want something grueling, narrow and uncrowded. Does that describe Moab?
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PowDigger - so far the list of attendees for the Davis MTB gathering is somewhere around 40 people. There will be group rides at the "A", "B", and "C" level plus some very easy stuff for the non-MTB riding significant others. Most of the rides are XC, but West Virginia XC is pretty technical. I imagine some folks will do shuttle runs for DHers, but I haven't heard anything specific about it. I'll probably bring my gravity sled along (as well as my XC bike) - just in case.

Are you thinking about going?
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If anyone is up for some riding in May let me know...heres my tentative travel plan..

Moab 9th to 12th, Fruita 13th to 16th, Moab until the 21st then drive back to Downieville for 4 days to satisfy my thirst for that single track DH !

I have some mates joining me at the later stages but it'd be great to catch up with any Bears wanting to do some riding in the area.

2 weeks and 2 days of work left... yeee haaaa !!
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OK, biking bears,
If any of you are in England this summer, look me up. My landlord has a couple of spare bikes in his garage - I think they're Marins, but I don't know much about mtn biking. If you don't mind waiting for a slow-coach like me, then you're welcome to borrow a bike and we can go for a ride in the hills nearby.

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And if someone is around in Northern Italy in september, check www.marathonbike.com

I will not participate, of course, because like Gonz says, I'm not interested into bunny hill like rides.
(Actually it's not true, I would verry happily participate, but I am giving up serious MTBiking, even before beginning! )
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Crusty Butt?
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BTW Gonz, you might reconsider giving Moab a chance. I know a few "Moab" rides that'll make you DAB and a couple more that'll scare you. Plus, it's only an hour from Fruita.

Do any of you have a good night light? We could do some evening rides too.

I can't wait to hit my favorite car camping spots after a hard day's ride cause I know there's cool, cool, beer waiting.

...makes me thirsty for one right now...

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in fact...

I'm going to Fruita a lot this May. And after riding a few days, I'm going to Glenwood Springs to soak. Gimme the hot springs.

I'm going to sit in that hot pool and soak like a big monkey that ain't got nowhere to go and nothing to do. After that I'm going to have another beer. Definitely not a complicated plan.
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Fruita will get you a tan below the neck. Can't beat that.
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My schedule:

I'm in class May 9th, 10th, 11th, 17th and 18th.

I can ride Fruita before the 9th, inbetween the 11th and 17th and after the 18th.
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a tan below the neck ? are you suggesting I ride in a bikini ??

Fruita b/w the 11th and 16th works for me.
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May is too soon for me. I will be in SW Utah (Virgin, Gooseberry, St George) starting this Friday. Total time - 9 days, Apr 12 - 21.

May is too soon for me to take another vacation.

PinHed, will you be around April 18-20 or so? We are thinking about what to hit on our way home, and some folks are talking about Moab. Probably those same dab-inducing trails you're talking about.
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I've got plans to be in Fruita the evening of April 21st with some friends. We'll probably do two nights and two days.

Does that fit with your plans?

We'll probably camp in Rabbit Valley.
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Shyte! No, we will be riding on the 21st but it will be early, as we are trying to get back to Missoula that evening.

I think Fruita may be too big a detour anyway. One of the factors against hitting Moab is the big detour necessary to get over there. SW Utah is almost directly under Missoula, and going to NE Utah is a big eastward detour. We are thinking Boulder City NV as a possible return route.
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