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I am 6'3 270lbs. I am an advanced skier who spends most of the time off piste.

*A ski I was most impressed with over the last week (testing skis in the BC and at Crystal on the lifts) has been the La Sportiva Hang5. For what you are asking and your ability it could well be your powder and everyday driver.  Seldom do I want to buy a ski after just two runs.  I've been looking at and skiing hard on a few skis I consider off piste oriented from DPS, Dynastar, La Sportiva, Dynafit and Rossi.  I like a ski with some structure behind it...and a no nonsense confident feel while still being playful.  I wasn't expecting much from the La Sportiva Hang 5. 


I have  lots of skis.  But I ordered a pair of these this morning.  They are 117 under foot.  I ski several DPS including the 138 and this is a more versatile ski imo and just as much fun I think.  I have a pair of Praxis GPOs in the works and am chopping at the bit to make that side by side comparison.