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Remembering Bergie

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Bob Barnes has designed an amazingly cool t-shirt to memorialize Bergie's unique contribution.


Here's how to get it.  The profits go toward scholarships at PSIA-RM events.


Thnaks to Deb Willits for making this happen


Latest on how to purchase Bergie "Suck at the Highest Level" T-shirts with on-line option!!
1. Choose Men's cut or Women's cut, and size. Men's come Small to 5XL, Women's XS to 3XL. Color is royal blue.
2. E-mail me at, or post on Facebook amount and size of t-shirts you want and your address.
3. Click on below link to PAY VIA CREDIT CARD, OR
4. Send a check made out to me (with T-shirt on memo line) for $25 for the first shirt in your order and $22 for each additional. This amount will cover price of shirt and shipping in the lower 48. Deb Willits 820 Sabeta Dr. Ridgway, CO 81432 ATTN: Bergie t-shirt
5. The more you order, the cheaper the shipping will be. Order a dozen or more and the shipping price is a flat $20.
6.Will make the first order of shirts on Wednesday, July 18. Will put in more orders after that once I get an idea of how popular this might be and get an idea of sizes folks want.



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These photos don't show it, but the small Bergie picture on the front also has "Suck at the highest level."  in small letters.


If you don't know the story of this phrase, let me know.  I'll repeat it.  It's what Bob Barnes does! And Chris Geib! :)

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This is very cool Weems, thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for reminding me to, Trekster!  

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Cool design!

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It is a neat design.  Great stories in the thread referenced.

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^^^ thanks for posting that. 

There's definitely some energy whenever you mention his name. 

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