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Need Help choosing all mountain skiis for whistler

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I am 6'6" 180lb.  The only skis I've ever owned are 2003 k2 apaches.  They are pretty garbage and after skiing 40 days last year on whistler, im finally getting around to buying some new skis.  I almost always ski off-piste except on pow days.  I usually ski in trees and glades except when there's fresh powder.  I'm an advanced skier, but not top notch.  I can do any of the runs on whistler, but have a bit of trouble on some of the hike-to double blacks.  I plan on using these skis for at least the next 3 years at whistler all the time and Im only looking to buy 1 pair. 


I dont care to much for charging.  I would like a nimble ski for tree skiing that is also good in deeper powder.  I dont want something thats incapable of skiing groomers or on icy/slushy days.


The skis I am currently considering are Rossignol S3 186s, 4FRNT MSP 187, and Volkl Gotamas. I'm completely open to new suggestions.



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Welcome to epicski!

I would take a look at Mr. Pollard 192. As a one ski quiver I would go wider than those. I have no experience with the Pollard it's just something that came to my mind, I've seen very good reviews about it, it's light so not a problem for hike to terrain and it's not a charging ski. It's not easy to find good price on them though and the 192cm is new for 2013 I believe.
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The reviews I'm finding are raving about the opus as you said, but I am a bit skeptical about getting 118mm skiis as a one quiver.... especially having never owned powder skies (i've borrowed friend's).  I am on a budget though, being a college student, so the opus might be out of my price range unless i can find a deal.

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Personally I would go with Rossi's S3s, but that ski just kind of 'clicks' with me.  It does everything you say.


With a broad-spectrum, all mountain ski for Whistler off piste you're likely to get a dozen skis nominated by four or five people answering your original post.  The real answer would be to demo a few skis in Whistler and buy the skis you like best, although you may be trying to pick something up on summer sale.


Others in that category that may make your demo list are the Line Prophet 98, the Liberty Morphic (or Helix), the Armada TST, the Moment PB&J, a bunch of Kastles (BMX98 and 108, FX94, LX92), the Rossignol Experience 98.  At the stiffer end of the spectrum are the venerable Volkl Mantra and Nordica Enforcer - still very good all-round skis.  Hey!  There's a dozen and this is only one answer.  I haven't really delved into more pow-oriented skis here (although the Kastle BMX series are certainly soft snow oriented) ... AND I haven't even touched on Head, Elan, Blizzard, Fischer etc.


Last year's all round ski of the year seems to have been the Blizzard flipcore series (Bonafide or Cochise for your stated purpose).  Worthwhile trying to demo each of those.


I was at a demo weekend here a fortnight back and was looking forward to trying out the new Dynastar Cham series of skis.  Unfortunately Dynastar didn't show this year.  Drag!


Best of luck.

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If you like your 4FRNT MSP, consider the all new 4FRNT Cody coming out in September.

At the mid-180 length you would likely be interested in, it's 102 underfoot with some early rise.  I demoed a 179, which is 100 underfoot.  

It has the nimbleness of the S7 in the trees but is lighter feeling and more "flickable."  Awesome, super-fun ski!


The 4FRNT Turbo is a great all-rounder also, but it's geared more for longer turns and harder charging; the Cody is a lighter feeling and a much more nimble ride.  The Cody slays trees with ease!  Easy maneuverability.  Good float for its modest width.

I'm on the pre-order waiting list for it at my local shop and cannot wait!

From what you described as your priorities, it should be right up your alley!

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The cody sounds great, but I cant find any local stores that are pre-ordering it and I cant find the price either.  I dont particularly want to wait till fall to get skies incase summer sales end before then.  How much are you paying for your Codys?


As far as the s3', Im holding out until the 186s drop in price to match that of the 177s/169s at mid 300 dollar range. 


What do you guys think of the mantras? Would a 184cm be to small for me?

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Having 36 days at WB last year, and 200+ over 12 years, I'm typically pulling out my Kastle 108's for the vast majority of days.

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Originally Posted by Sequoialaz View Post

How much are you paying for your Codys?


They didn't specify what the MSRP would be, so I don't know yet.  600-800 I would guess...

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