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Boot Volume

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I am looking at Tenica Cochise 120 or the Nordica Heall and Back Pro's. What are the volumes of these boots? The last is about the same for both. I am currently in a Head Vector 120. These are 103mm last and 200cc volume. I really want the hike option capability.
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cannot comment 100% on the tecnica or nordica as we do not carry those brands,although my preference (for my foot) would be the cochise having tried both on........ but be wary of the 103mm of the head, most boots are measured as XXXmm in a size 26.5 shell, the head is measured in a 27.5 so it comes up a little narrower than other 103mm models (it is more akin to a 100mm last in most brands) but remember shape plays a big role rather than just width, a 103mm forefoot can feel wide or narrow depending on if it has a nice rounded toe box attached to it or a pointed tapered one


sure someone will come along soon with a pros and cons between the two boots, but the fit is the most important thing and without your feet it is a tough thing to recommend one over the other


good luck getting sorted

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the volume is similar, but no tech binding option on the nordica, and the walk mode on the technica is MUCH better.


  Also I found the flex to be VERY stiff on the H&B for me.  just flexed at the wrong point.  We sold a bunch of both last year, and people had similar volume fett

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Thanks.  I am trying a Bushwacker this afternoon at a local shop.

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Well, I bought the Bushwackers. Great price. $330 at a shop in NH. Not much tweaking needs to be done. Soften the shells in very hot water and should be good to try. These look much better then Nordicas. The hike mechanism seems more robust and it has more movement.
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