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Unsure about boot purchase

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Hello--I just bought the Dalbello Aspire 6.9, but am a bit unsure about the purchase.


I had narrowed it down to the Tecnica Viva Fling and the Nordica Hot Rod 7.0 at another store where the guy fitting me said he thought it would be a good idea to go with a stiffer boot based on my past history (pretty athletic and flexible, no foot problems, started skiing this winter, taking a lesson once a week, and progressed to black diamond by the end). I really liked the Tecnica but was getting a pretty severe pressure point on my left shin, which the guy said probably would not get better. The Nordicas were comfortable, but just didn't feel as snug as the Tecnicas, which felt like they were built around my feet except for that pesky spot on the one shin. So the Tecnicas were basically out.


I went to another store where I ended up buying the Dalbellos, where the sales guy assured me that even though they're softer boots, they're still good for the skiing I plan to do. My concern is: are they too easy of boots? I'm hoping to do a lot of skiing in the Northeast this winter, but I don't want to realize that the boots I just bought won't be adequate after another season's worth of improvement. The Dalbellos are rated as Beginner-Intermediate online, while the Nordicas are Intermediate-Advanced.

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First a couple of questions.


How much do you weigh?


how quickly would you like to progress?


How is the boot purchase budget these days?


Now a suggestion:  Read through the WIKI at the top of "Ask the boot guy's" Titled "Which boot will work for me"


Pay close attention to how to "shell fit" a pair of boots. this is the most often messed up boot fit problem we see in our shops.


Most skiers will run through a couple of pair of boots that are way too big to ski in control, before they zone in on a good boot fitter to


get things right.


At least move up to upper intermediate boots for your first purchase.



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So you'd say the Dalbellos are too beginner? 


I am 5'5'' and weigh around 120 lbs. I'd like to progress quickly. My budget is hopefully no more than $250, maybe $300 if I feel like they're really great.

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When I take out the liner and put my foot in, I can stick my entire hand straight in behind my heel.

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Hint #1 go by the 15mm shell fit----- not your fist.  It will feel" very tight"---you won't want to buy it (I know)---- the boot will fit much better after a few days of skiing.   With this kind of fit you will have all the control you can ever want----(this is important) .


Hint #2:  Maybe you could ski better in a better boot?


Hint #3:  You might be able to pick up a good set of upper intermediate boots on discount off season as it is now (assuming you are in the northern 




Hint #4:  Shop around---you haven't been to see a boot fitter yet----you have only seen boot sellers.



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got to echo what mike says about the size of the boot, far more important to get that right than anything else


size and shape, then flex, i am not familiar with that particular model but i always direct people away form "beginner-intermediate" boots

1 the flexes are often way too soft for anyone other than a 1 week a year novice who wants to slide between coffee shops

2 the plastics are generally cheap, nasty and a pain to work with


good luck getting sorted 

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