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Mark McGwire

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WHy did he retire? I though he will play all better next season and I guess not! :
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Injuries, by and large. He's dealt with back-related problems for a few years now, and the bat's not getting any faster. (Watched him just get smoked last year by stuff he'd've taken deep a couple years ago.) He's made his money, the HR record is now in the possession of someone else, and he has a son he wants to spend more time with.
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Good question re: Big Mac. Ryan's answer makes sense but I too thought he'd take another run at it, mostly because the knee would be much better this year versus last. Perhaps he thinks he needs to stop before he's crippled when he gets older. I thought his son would be soon getting to the age when Dad is a pain (like a teen). A lot of people were taking about Mac hitting over 600 HRs but I guess that didn't mean much to him. He did pass Reggie and some other HoF'ers, though. I suppose Bonds will pass him next year.

Hey: maybe Mac wants to ski!

If you like the Cards, be glad that you'll have several more quality years out of Tino Martinez. He is a wonderful all round player and I'm very sorry my team did not keep him. I wonder what the crowd will do the first time the "new guy" makes an error?

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Where ya been, Kazmo?

Yes, Tino should have a pretty good year. Somewhere in the lineup between J.D. Drew, Edmonds and Pujols should have him seeing a lot of fastballs. Which, so far as I could tell last year, he can still handle.

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Hey Lisa -

Good to see you back!

We should have made a friendly wager on my Giambi in pinstripes comment...lol! No surprises there! :

Look what Barry pulled off!!! What, an average of about 18 million a year for 5 years?!? Well there are all kinds of caveats (tied to number of plate appearances, etc.), and back end loading (deferred payouts) on his contract, but it looks like he got what he wanted. Now, we'll have to see how he performs!

Wait a minute, how can I be fixated on baseball...I should be out skiing!
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Hi y'all,

Well, I was grading, then Xmas shopping, then went to a history conference, then drove from SF up to Portland (actually Forest Grove). Now I gotta pay for it all -- in terms of work, too (like new syllabus, job stuff, conference panel maybe, new digs). Busy stuff.

But at least I skied three times while away. Someday I'll be good at it perhaps...especially if this job thing pans out. I think Slippery Rock (PA) is near a ski place, though I'm not sure.

I'm going to miss Big Mac next year; he's one of the few reasons I even paid attention to the NL. Now it'll be Tino. I expect he will have a good year with the Cards, though the guy now has to replace yet another legend, first Donnie Baseball, now Mac. Tall order.

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