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chronically cold feet

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I have recently got back into skiing and need some new boots for next  I don't want to spend a TON of money but want a good boot that fits well (obviously) and something with extra warmth.  I have chronically cold feet due to poor circulation.  I have tried many things: good thin socks, changing my socks at lunch, different boots (smaller or larger), and nothing seems to work.  Even with those crappy toe warmer things I can't stay warm.  Any recommendations on boot heaters??  Should I find a boot and buy the warmer separately or try to find a brand that has it already installed?  Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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first thing is to get a boot which fit your feet, go see a local fitter and take their advice, be honest and tell them your budget, most will try to work within it where practically possible. now is a pretty good time for last seasons boots to be on sale, but options may be limited, again talk to the fitter, he may have something hidden in the back room 


 for warmth then i would probably look at an intuition type liner, they are about as warm as it gets in terms of ski boot liners, if that is still not enough then you may need to consider a footwarmer from thermic/hotronic/conformable but it is rare that you need to use the two together.  you could also have the base of the boot lined with very heavy foil tape to reflect the heat in / cold out


also on the sock front, make sure you are using merino wool socks teko/smartwool or similar as these will help to take any transient moisture away from the skin and keep you a little warmer

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do your hands get cold too?

do you feet get cold, outside, but NOT in ski boots?


any better with the toe buckles looser?

any way to warm your toes up, other then inside, and taking the boots off?

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