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Bindings after ACL Injury?

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I am not sure how I want my bindings set.  I know that I want them to release if I fall since I don't want to ever go through a ACL injury and recovery.  I ski in the poconos and Vermont (Killington or Stratton) once a year.  I like to ski black diamonds but I am not very comfortable in bumps so I generally avoid them.  I usually classify myself as a type 2 skier when getting my bindings set. Does anyonhe think it is a bad idea to have them set as a level 1 skier? Thanks

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Not sure what kind of bindings you have, but the only bindings currently on the market that will reasonably mitigate the chances of having an ACL injury are KneeBindings.


Regular bindings (Marker, Look, Tyrolia, etc.) are essentially blind to the forces that rupture an ACL, regardless of what DIN setting you set them to - because they don't have the lateral heel release direction that KneeBindings do. Just setting regular bindings to a lower DIN level only increases your chances of a pre-release where you can also be injured due to taking the unexpected fall (e.g., head injury, shoulder injury, wrist injury). Some pre-release injuries are very severe.


I ruptured my ACL 4.5 years ago doing nothing particularly unusual while skiing on Look bindings. Over the past 4 ski seasons since my ACL reconstruction surgery I have skied 236 days, the past 222 of which have been on KneeBindings. 


If ACL injury is something that concerns you, then you should look further into KneeBindings.

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Thank you.  I will take a look.

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