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Wolf Creek Lodging?

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Hiola!   Been through many posts and TR, leaning towards South Fork side for lodging, just in case of a Pass Closing.  Any suggestions for cheap with GOOD breakfast, just my son and I.



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I know there are some Wolf Creek skiers here.  Hope this bump helps you find them. 

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Tks Trek.  While I have your attention, any advice for Gunnison?

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I've been to Wolf Creek 8 - 10 times over the years and we always stay in Pagosa Springs.  We do this as we own a time-share and the Wyndham resort there always has good availability.  There are several motels in town ... we've just never stayed there. There's not much night life in either location SF or PS.  I 've found the restaurants in PS to be just OK ... nothing fancy ... just OK.  There was one restaurant we'd frequent near the IGA ... across the street and beside the bank which had good nightly specials and whenever we didn't make dinner we'd always go there. 


And yes we've gotten caught before wherein the pass closed and we had to go around ... almost all the way back to Santa Fe to cross over and get back to the condo.

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TKS dorm57.  So, to avoid a possible closing, stay in SF?  Gracias.

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The Wolf Creek Ski Lodge right in South Fork is fine, we stayed there and were upgraded to a full kitchen room without even asking. Nice place and it was less than $60...

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TKS cobill, sounds perfect!

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Pass closings on the west side are pretty infrequent, and the lodging and eating options are better in Pagosa than SF, not to mention the hot springs, but staying in SF also puts you closer to Monarch and Taos if you want branch out.

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Gracias mudfoot.

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