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FS: 2008 Fischer Watea 94 - 178CM - Used 3 days

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I've got a pair of 2008 Fischer Watea 94's with Fischer X14 bindings FS, used only 3 days.

I'm the original owner

Price $197 - includes shipping to the lower 48

PM me if interested.

A few pics











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I do not know Skizoo, but I have a pair of these exact same skis in a 186 length and love them.  I always see posts by people wanting advice on their first pair of skis, or college kids who want a cheap deal on an all mountain ski, and this ski definitely fills the bill.  They are virtually identical dimensions to the ever popular Mantra, but with a mellower flex and personality.  I've had mine for 4 years and have skied everything from refrozen groomers to 18" of powder on them.  When I bought mine they were described as the fattest ski in the 50/50 category of half time on groomers and half in the bumps, powder and crud.  Easy turn initiation, playful in the bumps, light but fairly damp, a little snap but not pushy, and a decent carver.  I have found them to be a really fun ski. There are certainly better newer skis out there in this category, but nothing close to a deal like this.  I don't know anything about the bindings, but IMO anyone looking for a bargain on a one ski quiver should jump on these, just make sure you dull the tips and tails a little. My only caveat is that someone who is really big or aggressive, or for an easterner skiing on a lot of ice they might be a bit to soft.

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What size BSL are the bindings mounted for?

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Very tempted.  If these were mid to high 80s instead of 94 I'd splurge for sure.  Fills a current quiver gap, but not my most important quiver gap at the moment.  Somebody please buy these before I look at them too long..th_dunno-1[1].gif

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That's a great deal on a really nice ski.  I've got the 186's (same year), and have really enjoyed them.  Someone's going to love these.

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Originally Posted by MEfree30 View Post

What size BSL are the bindings mounted for?

315 mm but they have only been drilled once so not really an issue if you need to redrill

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Fischer bindings are Tyrolia's

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Do you happen to know how much BSL adjustment is available in the binding without needing to redrill?

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If these last one more day, I won't be able to resist.  Somebody else please buy these!  They look mint, decent binders and a real sweet spot for either coast.

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The skis have been sold, thx to everyone that inquired.

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Hi Dave. I tried to get back to you yesterday, but found out that this site has a silly daily limit of 2 personal messages. My son contacted you and was told skis have sold. Good for you. If things change just let me know. I'll keep looking. Scott

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I was the lucky buyer of Skizoo's Watea 94s.  The skis look practically new and I didn't note a single mark on the bindings.  What a deal!

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I have the exact same skis for sale but size 186 cm with Fritschi Diamir Freeride bindings on them.  Any offers?  



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Hi there

Are the skis in the USA?

I'm in the UK but this is exactly what I'm after

Also, does anyone know if they've changed much in the Wateas over the last 4yrs?


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The skis remained pretty much unchanged from '08 to '12 .. except for the graphics.  In '12 they tweaked the lineup - adding an 88 and upping the 94 to a 96 as well as some rocker ("Freeski Rocker"), but afaik the core construction (wood & glass I-beams for stiffening) remains unchanged.


I've got the 84's .. which are a great eastern ski.  Seriously tempted by the 94's with the Fritschis, but 186 is a little long for the woods of New England, imo.

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Originally Posted by OldEasternSkier View Post

In '12 they tweaked the lineup a bit adding an 88 and upping the 94 to a 96, but afaik the construction remains virtually the same.



As an owner of '08 watea 94's who demo'ed the new 96 this past spring, I can say that something is different.  Feels like a construction difference but could just be the tip and tail rocker perhaps?  Either way, it's a much more nimble but much less stable (in crud, for example) ski.  I've really liked my 94's.  I didn't like the new 96.  I did, however, like the new big stix 98 (which is just a slightly tweaked watea 98 I believe).

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I have the 2009 model in 186. There are a few small differences year to year, mostly in the tips. In 2009 Fischer added the boat hull tip, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It helps provide a little extra float in powder and knocks crud out of the way when the snow is cut up. Then in either 2010 or 2011 they added early rise/tip rocker. The tails are slightly different year to year as well. I think it's now the Watea 96, so dimensions have changed slightly. All that said, its still pretty much the same ski. And its awesome.

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Originally Posted by benji7 View Post

I think it's now the Watea 96, so dimensions have changed slightly. All that said, its still pretty much the same ski.


I disagree.  Hold a pair of 96's base to base to check out the rocker.  They've actually got a fairly substantial rocker.  When I demo'ed a variety skis in the mid to high 90's last spring, these guys had the 2nd most rocker of anything I tried that day (Atomic Alibi appeared to have the most out of what I demo'ed).

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Chris - thanks for the PM but reached my daily limit! Send me your email or ill reply tomorrow
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Sorry to resurrect an old gear swap thread, but I just wanted to say thanks again to SkiZoo for the Watea 94s.  I ski almost exclusively at Magic and these skis are perfect for the ungroomed, trees, and other variable terrain there.  I've also used them pretty extensively with a set of MFD Alltime plates for lots of uphill on these at NELSAP areas in SoVT.


I have way too many skis but I kept turning to these almost every day.  On a trip to Alta, I skied my Armada JJs in the morning of a 12" day but happily switched back to the Wateas for the afternoon.  They were way more fun than the S7s in the tight trees where we were still finding some untracked.


Thank you, thank you, thank you again SkiZoo for what are easily in my top 3 skis I've ever owned (too many to count in 40+ years).

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I'm glad they found a great home Brian!!

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I demo'ed a bunch of new skis at Killington last weekend and could not wait to get back on the Watea 94's.  If anybody has an older pair in minty condition, let me know because I want another pair.  A little afraid of trying the newer versions of these skis based on what some of you wrote earlier in this thread.

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I know where there is a pair; if you are really interested I will ask my friend. I have owned the 84s(176s) and the older 94s(186s?) and have liked them very much. The 94s were too long for my 160#s.

This season I bought a pair of 2012 182cm Watea 101s.  These are truly great skis. They have tip rocker and slight tail rocker  They ski everything very well. They will carve almost as well as my Nordica Enforcers(98 mm waist) and my Kastle BMX88s and yet float very well in 2-3 feet of powder.

While in Jackson  for four days, I skied the Wateas, the Stockli Stormrider 95s, the Kastle FX 94s, and the Rossignol Experience 98s. While all were very good skis, I found the Wateas to be the best in virtually all of the variety of conditions that I skied, from firm conditions to bumps to ~2' of powder and cut up crud. Although longer @ 182 (and with a 23m radius) than the other skis, the Wateas also skied the steep narrow chutes we were in as well as you could hope for.

My point being, don't discount the Wateas up through 2011-2012, the designs have only minor changes/rocker.

While in Jackson, I also looked at, but did not ski, the new (2013) Watea 96s and 106s, but was not impressed with what they did with the new profile/rocker. I was also not impressed by the looks of the Big Stix (which are twin tips.) Therefore, I did not ski any of them.Sad that they felt compelled to make major changes to such a great product.

Let me know if you want me to look into those older 94s(2009?)

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Hey all,


I just stumbled onto this thread yesterday.  I too have a pair of these skis, 2008 Watea 94s in the 178 length.  I figured I would post this here before I make a seperate for sale post in the Gear Swap forum.


I love these skis, but unfortunately they have to go.  Here's the story:


I purchased these on a recomendation from our very own Dawgcatching (sp?).  He and I exchanged PMs back and forth about ski length and my abilities.  I should also point out that I live in Birmingham, Alabama and do 100% travel skiing and not nearly as much of it as I would like.  So, the pair of skis that I own came up for sale in the forum here (on Epic) near the end of a season.  I bought them without ever having skied on Wateas for a demo.  I took a blind leap that I would like them.  I loved them!  They're great skis.


I could go back into my PMs and find the name of the guy who sold them to me, but he was a California based Tahoe skier with a large quiver and these were just being ingored so he let them go.  If I recall he said that he had skied them 3 - 6 times.  They were in very good condition when I recieved them...usual top sheet scratches, near perfect bottoms. 


I have taken them on nearly every trip that I have made since then, but I don't ski them exclusively, probably about a 60/40 split with more more east coast oriented Volkls.  That being the case,  I think I have skied them 20 - 25 days.  I only average 1 - 3 trips per season.


I will get some pics made tonight and post them.  They have Tyrola Rail Flex bindings on them, I don't think they've ever been drilled under the rail bindings.


Skis + Bingdings $175.


Oh, why I'm selling, well my wife thinks it's crazy for me to live in Alabama and have a 3 ski quiver, so I'm moving these out so I can get something wider for a road trip to BC for Powder Highway resorts next season.


Let me know if you have questions.


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Pics please...please...please.  I need another pair of skis like  I need a hole in the head but the flex, shape, width, and dampness of the Watea 94s that I got from SkiZoo make them the only skis I want any more.

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I will try to get some pics uploaded today. 

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My wife's DSLR camera battery was dead, so I took these with my iPad. I hope they look ok.
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Those look great.  My wife decided to buy a new Lab puppy this week so cash is a little thin for a while...no idea why this picture is loading sideways.  I hope someone sees this thread and buys them...if they hang around for a month or so, I'll get in contact.



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Hi TimR1 - Do you still have the Watea 94's?  I'm interested.  I already have a pair of 94's in the 186, but am looking to "downsize" to the 178.  You can email me directly at protouch@comcast.net.  Bill

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Did these skis sell?

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