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No 2022 Winter Olympics in Tahoe

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Statement by Squaw Valley CEO, Andy Wirth, verbatim:



Statement from Andy Wirth regarding today's decision by the USOC:

"Over the past few months, a talented and inspired group of Nevadans and Californians have come together to explore the possibility of hosting the Winter Olympics in Lake Tahoe in 2022." 

"We have always understood that our efforts were contingent upon the USOC's determination about whether or not to pursue a bid." 

"In light of the decision announced today by the leadership of the USOC, we respect our nation's Olympic Committee and their decisions, without reservation."

"The Lake Tahoe region is one of America's greatest natural gems, and we believe that its place as a Winter sports destination remains unparalleled.   While the USOC has chosen not to pursue the 2022 Winter Olympics, I believe, as does our board of directors, that we have laid the groundwork for a return of the Olympic Flame to this region and to our very own Olympic Valley in the future."

Andy Wirth is president and CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows and the chairman and president of the Lake Tahoe Winter Olympic Committee Board of Directors.

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I'll post here as well as in the other thread, sorry if its a faux paux...


Got the email (yesterday) from Jon Killoran-Reno/Tahoe Winter Games Coalition that no bid for the 2022 Winter Games would be submitted by the United States. The Reno Gazeette Jounal reported that a bid could possibly be prepared for the 2026 Winter Games, (providing that there is no US bid for the 2024 Summer Games). From additional reading, it sounded like NBC and the US organization have come to an agreement for revenue sharing, (kind of pushed all efforts back), so the report was that there was insufficient time to prepare a credible bid in time for the 2013 US selection, and subsequently the 2015 IOC selection.


Reno Tahoe can really use the economic push, things in the Truckee Meadows remain a mess since the banking fall in 2008/9. (I won't go into the long-term economic impact that permitting 10 WalMarts to serve Northern Nevada and Tahoe has had on killing small businesses, the lack of any governmrnt programs to stimulate business growth and bring in measurable new businesses to the area, and the continued effect of the gaming industry to perpetuate low-level service industry wage scale in the area). The games continue to appear to be the region's best hope for economic gain.


There were some good plans to handle traffic in, out, and around the basin; and developing new alpine speed courses at Heavenly from East Peak to Stateline, would improve a fire scarred hillside and provide tremendous new terrain and skiable acerage. Airway traffic from Reno, Sacramento and Las Vegas, would spread the flow path.


I've also read a ton of hate mail from the Squaw locals who are against the games, (just a few womans alpine events were ever proposed there). KSL will continue to develop Olympic Valley (business as usual per their master plan). What skiers and borders would see with the games is all resort areas that host events expanding skiable terrain and lifts to cut mountain congestion. Without growth good luck to the 30,000 and growing Squaw/Alpine passholders on powder days when they all have the same goals and the hill is wasted in record time. Without growth, the song remains the same. I hope a 2026 comes about, but after this week's news, it sounds more improbable than a 2022 bid. The US continues to fall behind pace in resort development conpared to the rest of the world, (sounds just like the US math and science rankings declining).

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