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ACL Manipulation and Scope

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I just had the procedure done on Friday.  I had my ACl reconstructed on January 20th.  I have had problems with my terminal knee extension which has caused a slight limp when I walk and jog.  My knees naturally hyper extend.  My good knee is a -4 my acl knee was about a +1.  Doctor said he did not think knee would gain hyper extension with therapy and suggested the manipulation and scope.  Doctor said it went well and he was able to get knees symmetrical after he removed some fibrous material and a small bone growth. 


I have been using the CPM as well as performing stretches.  I am currently performing a heal prop with 15 pounds on the knee.  My therapist was able to push the knee down further today.  It is still swollen and stiff.  Worst thing is I can't go swimming during this awful heatwave.  Best thing is I know I am going to ski this year.

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Best of luck on a fast recovery!

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Updates please! I have to say that I rehab a good deal of folks going through this & it is certainly not for the timid.....

Speedy recovery & let our community know if we can help!!
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Feeling pretty good a week after manipulation.  I have a huge bruise on my quad and am still pretty swollen.  Therapy has been  tough this week.  The first 3 days the knee felt stiff and range of motion with flexion was limited.  However my therapist was pleased with extension.  My therapist was able to stack a rolled 8 pound ankle weight and a rolled 3 pound ankle weight under my heel.  He then pressed my knee and was able to touch the table.  I have been able to tolerate the pain for the most part during the ACL rehab.  This week was the first time that he got me to curse out loud and almost scream.  On friday(day 4 of rehab) my flexion and extension were much improved. 


In general the knee is starting to feel better.  I stopped taking pain meds the second day after surgery and procedure.  I have been taking Ibuprofen to reduce swelling.

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Update:  My knee is still pretty tight.  When my PT presses down I get hyper extension but it is pretty painful.  Flexion is still about an inch an a half away from where I was before manipulation.  I have been doing some jogging/walking intervals.  My quad is still weak.  I was surprised how much strength I have lost especially trying to do walking Lunges yesterday.

One weird thing is my knee will catch when I fully extend it when I am walking.  Seems like something in the knee cap area.  Then it feels like a little uncomfortable pop and is back to normal.  It is pretty scary when it happens.

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more than likely thats swelling inside the knee. did the pt and doc OK the jogging?

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Dr. said jogging is fine.  Actually said I could start p90x in August.  He said ACL is strong just need to build muscles in legs after the manipulation.

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Cool!  I can't wait to restart that as well.   if the dr isn't concerned, I wouldn't be either then.  If I push it I still get internal swelling too. I just stretch the quad, calf and pull the heel to my butt. It usually helps.

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